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What’s after couch to 5k?


I’ve just done the first run of week eight and although it’s tough I’ve found my rhythm and I’m really enjoying it. But what’s after this? I would like to carry on but is there another good app like this? Can anyone recommend? Thank you

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There is a bridge to 10k app on here somewhere and some other training runs - stamina and speed, I think. I am consolidating my week 9s currently ( recently graduated), then my plan is to add in one run a week where I do a full 5k because I'm not there yet. Not sure what I will do afterwards.

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Thanks I might re-do week 9 when I get there. Congratulations on graduating! 👏🏻


Not an app as such, but Bridge to 10k is here.


Your tracking app should be able to replace your coach and also measure your runs on that plan for you.

Ah great thanks! 👍🏻


Hi guys, here’s what I did.

To start with I repeated week 9, just to make sure I was confident running for 30 minutes continuously.

The I followed the 10% rule you will see mentioned in the sticky posts and made my third run each week grow by 10% to try to reach 5k, so it became 33 minutes, 36 minutes, 39 minutes (which got me to 5k).

Doing that, I realised I was not pushing myself on 30 minute runs - I’d cover a very variable distance, depending how hard I tried. So I swapped to doing two 4k runs and a 5k run for a few weeks.

Then, when I was comfortable with the 5k I did one 4k and two 5k. Then I started the Bridge to 10k others have mentioned.

The big advice is don’t try to run too much further too quickly - we’re full of confidence when we graduate because we have achieved something fantastic, but we’re still puppies at running and injure easily.

Enjoy whatever you do next x

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Thank you 😊

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That seems a really good idea thanks for sharing, I was wondering what to do after week 9.


I enjoy doing 2 5K runs during the week and a Parkrun at the weekend. Parkrun is a great event and a good way to measure progress.

I thought of doing parkrun after graduation

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You really should. It’s fantastic fun. Treat it as a relaxed fun run. I love it and I find it a nice way to kick off a weekend.

I finished and graduated about a month ago. Was only at 4.3KM. Just carried on each week adding a couple of mins each week to every run. Now I'm doing 5KM 3 times a week and its taking about 40 mins. I do have a 5km to 10km app downloaded but Ill leave that to the New Year. Next target is 50 mins Christmas day (before dinner) regardless of targets. if you don't find a suitable app just set your own target of either longer time, further distance of same distance faster. just enjoy all the benefits and think of those friends and family sitting on a sofa eating a doughnut whilst your out there...that's what I do! Good luck in the final week.

Thank you


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