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Graduated March 2018


Hello all you newbies, I just want to say...please stick with this programme. I began in January and endured the “ beast from the East “ & mainly foul weather but it’s one of the best things I’ve done, at 70 years old ( 71 now ) & never ever done any running I’m now doing Park runs & running 2/3 times a week with my running buddy. I’ll never be the fastest but that really doesn’t matter, the friendliest people who say hi as they pass me! the welcome at the Park runs & feeling fitter & more alert are what keeps me running 🏃‍♀️

Stick with it...... get out there & run!!!

If I can you can & you won’t regret it

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Hey Heyjudyjudy70. That's amazing, you are inspirational! Glad you are having such fun running (and looking great!). I am one run short of graduation and worried whether I will have the willpower to keep running afterwards without Sarah Millican to urge me on! Your progress is very impressive x

Such an inspiration.... thank you for sharing your story... I hope to graduate in 2 weeks.!!!! 64 years young and had not run for 30 years but amazed at how good the programme is.

Thank you for the inspiration. You should be so proud of yourself. Having graduated a couple of weeks ago I sadly haven’t done an outside run since as I found it so difficult to breathe with the heat and humidity. I have been in the gym on a running board and on a bike as trying to build the muscle strength in my legs to try and run a little faster. Happy to stick with 5K’s and up my time. Goals are the way to go!

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