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Treadmill Final Verdict - Not for me!


I posted earlier in the week that due to work and location, I was unable to do my running on the road (nowhere safe basically). So rather than miss out, I took advantage of the small gym at my hotel and used the treadmill.

The first session was far too easy. I ran for 45 minutes, got bored and got off. After much chat and reflection, I'm came to the conclusion I had not set up the treadmill correctly. So the next session, I set the gradient to 2.0, made sure the measuring was in metric and off I went. After 30 very sweaty, but not tiring 30 minutes I finish the session.

Come Saturday AM - weekly Parkrun. I'm off, I'm running but something just doesn't feel right. No, it's not pain, injury or anything like that, it's just a horrible feeling of not being properly prepared. The legs took a lot longer to get into rhythm, the breathing wasn't right and my pace was well off. Result, the first lap was an absolute nightmare.

Only once I am settled into the second 2.5k do I start to feel right. My pace picks up, my breathing is better, now I'm enjoying it. I even manage a little sprint to the end. Time for 5k, 00:30:24

Rightly or wrongly, I can only conclude that today's issues were down to poor preparation, that change in routine. I won't blame the treadmill, I know there are many brilliant runners who train regularly on the mill, but sadly, it is just not for me. So it's back to the tarmac Monday and hopefully back on track next Saturday . . . . .

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It’s not for everyone. Back when I ran 3k a lot, I hated gym days with a vengeance. I much preferred running lots of laps to running nowhere. Think it’s a two fold thing, you’re not on your usual terrain so there is a physical difference and then there’s the psychological side that you haven’t actually gone anywhere. It’s also difficult to go from treadmill to outdoors.

Well done for keeping going though.

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Yep agreed, although come winter time, that nice, warm, DRY gym might seem more attractive. But today I was really fed up through the first 2.5k Unfit, could have written the whole thing off if I'm honest. But I thought, no bugger it, keep going and get a time in. Glad I did, finished within 50 secs of my PB so not a total loss :)

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My experience of gym days is 30+ years old and based on an all boys school. I’m sure if I could get better scenery than then I’d enjoy it a bit more. I’ve been looking into day passes for gyms when it snows though.

Keeping going when not great is a good thing, sometimes you ain’t 100% but that run still helps you for the next one.

Hi do agree not the same on treadmill. I did week9 2run today on otterspool prom with my daughter did my 30 minutes so I decided to carry on and finish 5K. 40mins 😁


I picked up a cheap treadmill thinking ahead to days where I can't fit in an outdoor run. I've tried it twice since starting 6 weeks ago and really don't like it. Not only missing the scenery of outdoors but it is a totally different physical experience. It seems to make my calves crampy, I don't get out of breath as much and afterwards my balance is gone! It will definitely just be backup for me! It doesn't feel the same as an outdoors run at all.

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