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5am run is so energising!


I don't like running (and I'm rubbish at it stopping every 2 minutes out of breath) but somehow I woke up early 2 weeks ago and ran (or tried) 2 miles! I was feeling so good and had a great day at work (although I could have done with an afternoon siesta)! I was feeling so energised all day that now I wake up every morning at 5am to (unbelievable...) run! I hate it but I love it! What does running do to the brain and body to energise so much? Any similar experience? I really can't believe I'm doing this before a difficult commute & hard day at work everyday! I'm very curious if some of you have experienced something similar. Thank you and I wish everyone to achieve their own goals.

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Yes, I wake at 5 every morning, and it really annoys me! I make myself rest in but by 6 I just have to get up and go run. I love the running, and early mornings are great, but what's happened to me, I don't do early mornings. At least I'm retired so I don't have to go to work, must be tough. Wonder if you and I will still be waking at 5a.m. in the winter? Scarey! 😎


I’ve experienced exactly the same thing! I’m a Window Cleaner & am reasonably active, up & down ladders, lots of walking etc so I thought “I can’t possibly go running before work” ! & I’ll be too tired afterwards..... what to do?

This weather has been so unbearable after about 7am that the only way I could run comfortably was to go out early like you......up at 5am back home by 5:45.....I couldn’t believe I actually had more energy and felt better on my run days than my repair days.....it’s wonderful 😃

Hopefully You & I will maintain this long after this program has finished 👍🏻

Well Done 👍🏻 Keep at it!

Hi and welcome. From your post and profile it doesn't look like you are doing the programme - c25k. Now I don't want to be a misery, and apologies if I'm wrong, but if you are new to running you are going about it in the right way to injure yourself (unless you are young and very fit).

The programme is structured to take couch potatoes (yes, I was one of those people 😄) and get them running non-stop for 30 mins and on to 5k (3miles). If you are interested there is a wealth of information in the link below., which is in the pinned posts.


Really glad you are enjoying your runs and feeling the benefits.

You are also right about the brain changes - this is one of the best addictions there is. I would just say that taking a rest day is a Very Good Idea. Again, if you are new to this your body needs to catch up 😀 And it does that by repairing itself on days you don't run. You can still walk, swim, cycle, strength train, do yoga - anything but run.

Apologies again if this advice is misplaced but would hate to see you injure yourself and stop doing it as you would miss out on the great benefits of running and the obvious enjoyment you are getting from it now. Best wishes for a long running habit.


AnnieW55 has given you some great food for thought there. This forum is about a programme which starts you off running intervals to teach you safely how to run continuously for 30 minutes on a regular basis.

There's lots of evidence that with few exceptions appropriate exercise does energise, combat fatigue and elevate mood.

I can't go out first thing even though I'm an early riser as I am very much a breakfast eater and will wobble if I don't, but many people do find it is the time that works best - easier to fit into life and the running itself comes more easily. For the more owl-types it can be evenings which work best.

We've always had at least a few people here who feel that whilst they don't enjoy the run itself, they do enjoy the way they feel afterwards. And all of us experience something of a roller coaster of emotions whilst running - switching from "I hate this" (especially the first 10 minutes) to "I could run forever" and then back in the blink of an eye. Part of the process of learning to run is the mental education, observing all these feelings but not feeling they are a guide to action either way.


I suppose you could say welcome to the early morning club.

Me, I am out around 4am and do a 30 minute session on weekdays and then a longer 5k+ on a weekend when i have a bit more time.

I agree with the afternoon siesta but that might also just be it gets to around 32 deg C at work by then.

I tried running in the evening but after being on my feet from about 7am until 6pm when I get home I have just have no energy left.

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