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Hit a wall on Week 8 Run 1


I'm so p****d off, 10 minutes in and I just couldn't do anymore..not sure if it's the heat or if it's because I've had 4 days off (went away with the children) , but I just struggled from the off. Really feel like I've taken a backward step. Gave up and walked home. Now sitting here feeling sorry for myself. Anybody else get like this?

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You hit your wall, and yes the heat makes a difference... that’s a positive, you now know where it is. It’s time to move it! You’ve eaten 10 minutes before and you’ll do it again. Some days the body isn’t ready for what we do to it, and add the heat and life, and heck it can be too much. Get back out there and kick its ass, you know you can. Just avoid that extreme heat and clear your mind before the warmup and you’ll be back on track.

tinajs in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you. I was dreading doing it before I even started, so probably wasn't the best time to do it. Tomorrow is a fresh day. I just need to sort my head out I think.

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to tinajs

If you know how to meditate go for it before you go out... if not try headspace lesson 1 tonight and 2 in the morning... clear your mind and it’s just you and the course.


The time off is mental not really physical, and it's allowed your doubts to get louder telling you can't do it. You can, but until you WANT to, you won't be able to. Wether it's dogged determination, anger, out and out stubbornness or something else, embrace it! Take your doubts in hand, do what you need to do and show them what for!


The simple and honest answer tinajs is YES. Most, if not all of us have had one (or more) of those runs. We set off with the best intentions and then . . . . Whallop! It hits you!

The brakes go on, the legs refuse to work and you feel completely deflated. But y'know what? It doesn't matter, really it doesn't. Nothing anybody does goes perfectly every time. The key is, don't let it get you down, don't let it demotivate you. Chalk it up as experience. Have your rest day(s) then go out and have another go.

One day you'll read a post from another runner who hit the same wall, not only will you be able to completely empathise with them, but through experience, you'll also so have some words of wisdom to help pick them up.

Go for it again. And again. And again. You will do it.


It's happened to the best of us ohh & me (believe me I'm not the best but I'm determined)

1 missed run does not mean you've failed - just scratch that run and try again next time if it's still too much then go back to week 7 :- just remind yourself that every run is a success and if the programme takes 9 weeks or 15 weeks you will still have completed it : Good luck on your next run


Great responses here, and as they all say, chalk it up to being just one of those days...forget about today's run, it's over, gone. Have your rest day then go do it, you can and you will for sure. Take your time, slow and steady, we're all here for you 🙂🌻

Thank you all for your replies. I know I can do it. I guess today it just wasn't going to happen. It's so great to be able to come on here and get the motivation to continue. Onwards and upwards. Thank you all once again. X


Give it another go. You’ll smash it and will be so proud of yourself. 👏👏

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