Week 8 run 1, what a struggle, why???

Just done first run of week 8, I have absolutely loved the running so far and the great calmness you get after! I've never never been active so if I can do this anyone can.

But, tonight I really struggled to get through, and it was quite a mental battle just to finish. The app stopped also which always puts me off. Any thoughts anyone? Felt I had let myself down as I don't think I ran the whole distance, anyone else had similar experiences?


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  • I'm having similar trouble with week 7. I have done two of the runs so far and only managed 20 mins once. People on here have been very supportive and I'm now in the frame of mind that any run is better than no run at all, don't give up I'm sure you'll get there. Graduation is so close for you, good luck.

  • Lots of us have had similar troubles, and even 18 months after graduation I have good runs and bad runs. Don't worry too much. You have done well to get so far without a blip. Put it down to experience and move on. You'll probably find your next run will be better. Good luck

  • Well done on getting this far . Maybe just put it gown to it being a 'rubbish' run . And for no apparent reason. Our mind. & body are wonderful aren't they ? Instead of the negative think if the positive - you have got yourself off the couch and gone for a run. Excellent stuff.

  • I did my week 8 first run yesterday and it was tough. All my first runs of the week i struggled with. My answer is cause it is a new week. last run of the week is easier cause of the build up. then i have a break 2; 3 days and then it starts again. I try a new ruite every week so it is new to my brain, it works for me. i also start to visualise my run the day before to mentally prepare me. I still get overwhelmed also that i did get this far. i have never ever did any sport. this is a first and i am almost 50! just don´t give up.

  • Renette, do you always leave 2 or 3 days gap? I have been doing all the runs with just a day off in between! Maybe thats why I struggled?

  • I usually jog Mon, Wed, and Fridays or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. but i do feel a longer gap makes my first week run difficult, but as i am improving in finess i am fine. Other than shin pains in the beginning; i coped well without injuries. any ache or pain, i immediately apply Voltarin gel.keep in mind i am very south(Algarve) weather is not so harsh on the body and mind. Now it becomes a mind game! You tell your brain and body if you can or can not. We so near the end. Good luck!

  • Are you able to measure your pace? I find that as I get fitter, I automatically run faster even if I don't realise it. Which is good except sometimes you get carried away and set off too fast. Because your perceived exertion is the same (because you are fitter) you are not pacing yourself to last the distance. It's just a thought!

  • Hey, fantastic work. I had a similar experience week 9 run 1. Looking back, I think 'graduation approaching' was playing on my mind, somehow I was expecting/hoping/praying my improvement would be miraculous enough to get to 5k in 30 mins! (I didn't and that's ok.)

    Now I try to think of 'bad runs' as another facet of the mental (rather than physical) challenges of running - we choose to keep on going and we choose to put our shoes on for the next run and discover how we do there. No way have you let yourself down, on the contrary - just keep going :)

  • ney panic you have got this far take your time we have all been there head down your doing great i nearly chucked my phone away once cause the app stopped good luck to you

  • I did the week 8 run 1 on Monday and although I kept going for the full 28 minutes without stopping I can't say that it was the best run I've had. Normally, I always enjoy the first run with a new podcast but for some reason it wasn't to be.

    Also, when I got home, I worked out that I'd only run a fraction over 4km in the time - which doesn't please me as I'm supposed to doing my first Parkrun this Saturday, with my marathon running daughter, and I really don't want to make a fool of myself - staggering home last.

    But, at the tender age of 59 (and around 20lbs overweight) who would have thought that an anti-keep fit, male couch potato, would be complaining after running non stop for 28 minutes.

    As I had to stop running back in October, at the same week and run stage last year, due to an Achilles problem which stopped me running (well jogging) for 12 weeks, I'm putting this last run down to this.

    Perhaps I took it a bit easier and maybe, at the back of my mind, I was thinking about how I hobbled home before but maybe it was just a bad run.

    So, with fingers and toes crossed, I'm hoping for a better 2nd week 8 run tonight!

  • hits, how do you work out how far you have run?

  • Hi geezercdg

    I recently received a mail from mapmyrun.com offering me a free trial and I've been using this. I'm not sure how accurate it is but it's definitely better than using the milometer in the car or the RAC calculate your route, which I've been doing in the past!

    At the moment for me, it's finishing the C25K weeks (without another injury) and running 5km. Once these are out of the way then who knows but, as someone who's never enjoyed running, I know that I'll continue and (with some better weather to come) I'm really looking forward to where C25K takes me.

  • GeezerCDG if you use an iPhone take a look at the iSmoothRun app. I am blown away by it - absolutely superb.

  • Hi geezercdg

    I went through the same thing and found a few things that really helped me get back on track (other than pushing through the pain)

    1 went to a sports physio who loosened up my hips which really helped me run smoother

    2 got some leg strengthening and cardio exercises from ptprograms.com.au. All free

    3 started doing hot bikram yoga which helped my cardio and breathing

    Hope one of these helps you

  • Thank you so much everyone, what a supportive forum. Thats really helped to oick me up! I'm going to carry on tomorrow with much more positivity

  • You can also plot and measure routes, as well as log all your training, including cross-training, on fetcheveryone.com/ Membership is absolutely free.

  • Hi - do you know I've had exactly the same experience this morning, though on week 7, run 2. It felt like a right struggle, and not "fun" (tho' it might be exaggerating to say it is normally!!) at all. The feeling after wasn't as satisfying either. I think that, yes, it probably was just a bad day, but also it could be to do with what someone was saying up post - we're wanting it to be easy now, and it so isn't! Have to admit I miss the wee breaks aswell, but am determined not to give in and walk at halfway.

    Fingers crossed that next time will be better - lots of good luck to you.

  • Yes that's a good point, perhaps wanting it to be easy is it! I really do miss the gaps and let's face it running non stop for 28mins is hard. But, I'm not giving up!

  • If you managed to keep going without the app, you did better than I did when I was doing the program. It took me months after graduating to be able to just run by myself (with no music and no Laura). Some days you just have bad runs. Good for you for sticking with it. Your third run this week will no doubt be much better!

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