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Running route app??


Hi everyone

So, I'm a bit of a dunce technology wise....and we're popping off to go camping, I'm wondering, does anybody know a way to find paths or routes suitable for running? Obviously the area we're going to in unfamiliar to me and I want to be able to get at least two runs in....absolutely no better way to start the day am I right?! I've tried a Google search for paths and walks in the area but no luck so far....if all else fails I'll ask the campsite warden....but I don't want to be worried about getting lost, if that makes sense?😁

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You could use Mapometer to check out some routes, and often folk have put routes on there, for an area, which are for public viewing :)

Otherwise, you could do what a lot of us do... explore and.. err get lost :) No, only kidding!

Maybe post again or edit your original post and say where you are camping, there ma be forum friends who are nearby who could give you advice:)

Enjoy your holiday anyway :)

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Hi there, and thanks good point! I shall take your good advice 😁

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I walk a lot on holiday, so what I did this year was keep an eye out for good places to run while I was walking. The run was more comfortable (psychologically) because I knew where I was going having walked there previously.

You can also google ‘running in (name of place)’ but you do have to be prepared to trawl a bit if you do that as there’s a lot of info but only about a tenth of it is any help.


As Oldfloss has said Mapometer is good. Another app you may like is

It can show street map, satellite map, path map and others. I like path map as it shows Ordnance Survey maps. You can also create "laps" using part of the route.

Have a lovely trip.

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Thank you, all good helpful advice. 😊

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