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Running Partners?


I've just started this as I wanted to lose some weight and get fit and I have to say that I'm absolutely loving the way I feel now (I've just done W2R3 so start on W3 in a couple of days)....BUT....I keep thinking as I'm running it would be nice to have someone to run with (although Laura is a more than capable partner at the moment). So my question any of you have "running buddies" or is there somewhere that you can see if anyone is on C25K and looking for a "buddy" in my area? Guessing not, but thought I would ask....

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After signing in, go to the homepage (if not already there). The welcome banner has these two options:

- Add my location

- Find people near me

Click on the second and you might get lucky.

Only UK locations (postcodes) accepted.



Thanks for the response - I did do that but wasnt sure if "etiquette" allowed me to just message people and ask them....Was wondering if there was somewhere where you could see people who actually wanted "others".


You're welcome to swim across the pond and run with me here in the USA!!!! Good luck finding a running partner! Hubby runs with me at a different pace, etc but we still make it work. Gayle


If you blog on here regularly, you soon get to know who is at about the same stage, and can exchange experiences - ups and downs. It makes it much more enjoyable and less lonesome!


Not a bad plan....I might give that a go....


You could also check out the Run England website for a beginners group near you, they might have a Facebook page (if you're on there) where you can organise to meet up with people as well. I use my group session as one of my runs per week even though I've done c25k because its nice to have the company of others sometimes :)

Best of luck finding a buddy :D


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