Running Off Road - App or website?

Can anyone help me with an App or website that I can use to plan running routes off road? I live near the New Forest which is a vast area I'd like to explore but I have a terrible sense of direction and don't want to get hopelessly lost! Also, I will be going out with Hubby and want to ensure Domestic Bliss is maintained!! Google Maps only lets you plot on a road or recognised trails, as does MapMyRun, but I want something that I can use to plot on footpaths or forest tracks? I've searched on Google but didn't find anything of any help and got bored looking!



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    has an option to run in straight lines - rather than on roads - you can switch it on and off within a run as well. I use it for a section of my - normally on road - run that Google refuses to accept is a path... hope its useful!

  • Thank you, gnimia, perfect and such a quick response, too! I love that you can swap between the roads and straight lines - exactly what I was after!

    Thanks again!!

  • The WalkJogRun website gives loads of routes near to where you live, mostly generated by other runners - you can also upload your favourite routes for other people to use. I have found it really good. There is also an app you can download. I hope that helps!

  • YJB1, this looks good, too! Plenty to keep me occupied! Thank you!

  • I ise the goodrunningguide for mapping offroad runs no need to register or anything either, and its easy to use

  • Hi misswobble, thank you - another winner! I like this one as it shows all the footpaths, which the others don't, so if you're not familiar with that particular area, you can see in advance where you can go - very useful in the Forest!

  • I found it when I was trying to Gurgle offroad and came up with nothing. I needed something to map trails for me as I was getting lost and needed an overview of the area, and new trails to run. Once I found it, I kept going back to it as it's simple to use. I'm plotting distances run and new routes all the time. I run on country trails and a tool like this is great as it gives you an idea of where you're going before you set off. You can zoom in quite close to landmarks too, which helps

  • If you already use MapMyRun you can turn off the follow roads option and plot in straight lines as well. Or put it onto the open street mode and it will show footpaths which it will auto follow. Remember if you go off recognised footpaths you may be trespassing and narks farmers are probably within their rights to make you go back round the long way when you've only got 100m left of your run.

    For the New Forest, ask in the tourist info offices for maps of the Forest, there are lots of way marked routes. We had a map of the area round the campsite that had a grid of paths, with numbered way markers on the paths and the numbers also on the map (a good few years ago though, not sure I'd be able to find it now).

  • Thank you Beads, this is great, I didn't know about the open street mode in MapMyRun (I haven't been using it that long, only just graduated) - it's really good. I hadn't tried creating a route without the Auto Follow Roads option deselected, either, so I've learnt about that, too, now, thanks!

    I won't be going on farmland or anywhere like that and will be following recognised tracks in the Forest - but thanks for the heads up!

    I don't really want to stick to the "tourist" walking trails in the Forest - there are miles of tracks that I want to explore. These Apps will help me do that without the fear of getting lost! I can't wait to get out there!

  • Don't worry you're way ahead of me, it took me over a year to figure out the open street bit on MMR!

    We got caught on the right of way issue a couple of months ago on a weekend away. I plotted a route running, up the road, turn, more road, off onto a bridleway, through a farmyard, back to the road and round to home. Which was fine until we went out for a long walk coming back that way and found a sign saying no entry the farmyard was private (opposite direction to the one I ran the day before). Had to double back along a very long (it felt it at the time) road to the main road to get back to the cottage.

  • The Walk4Life website uses OS explorer maps (being another government thing). For some reason it is only in miles but it is useful for planning routes. There's an app too but that doesn't use OS and ate battery power and I've switched to Runkeeper for tracking. But I often use the website when pondering where to go.

  • Thanks GoogleMe, I've had a look and this is interesting, too! I've got loads of things to look at and play with! As long as I leave time for actual running, all will be well! :)

  • Maverick is a GPS tracking app that stores maps on your phone. It is both android and iPhone. You can use a whole range of maps, including Ordnance Survey maps, so you can follow footpaths, bridle paths etc. and know exactly where you are at any time, although I would recommend carrying a paper map too. You can print off a page of your OS maps from Bing maps.

  • Thank you Mr T, I've also added this to my arsenal - if I get lost now, it will because I am either blonde or senior or probably both!

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