Couch to 5K

Week 9 run 1 - done. Oh, and I did 5k!!!!!

Really lost confidence last week and struggled with week 8 but chose a new route today and my own playlist and set off full of trepidation but determination. Anyway, I did it - ran for 30 minutes and cracked the 5k (if I count my 5 minute warm up).

I also had a faster pace than my previous runs and think this was down to the fact that half of my run was on the main road - the thought of people seeing me run makes me go faster!

Glad I've done it - hoping I'll start feeling like a 'proper' runner now!

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Well done !


Thats brilliant, well done. I started week 8 last night and I must say I had no confidence, I definately wasn't happy when it was over. You've given me hope for the final few runs :)


That's fantastic, congratulations!


Great job, doing the 5km in that time is brilliant :)

Good luck for the rest of the week.


I love this....we always run faster when others can see us! :)


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