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First running shoes

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I was going to wait until W9 but decided to take the plunge and use the credit card at W7. After all I am a runner now. Went to RunnersNeed in London. Gait analysis was interesting- the sales advisor showed me my video and amazingly I run perfectly and don’t need any support. Shoes feel light - hardly know that I have got them on. First test run tomorrow W7 R2! They are Adidas Solar Drive. Probably half the price on Amazon- have not looked!

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Best not to look. Mine were cheaper online but I had great service in a shop and didn't mind paying them. Run well in them!

They look great Robert...hope you feel amazing running in them. Nice to try them on in the shop and get proper sizing too as well as knowing they will give you correct support.

Onwards and upwards in New Shoes 😎

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Lovely new tyres. Run well in them.

I’m glad it was a positive, (if pricey!💰) experience for you Robert. Nice shoes, they do look really light. Happy running in them 😄👍

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Oooh like!

Love those shoes.

If they really do the job for you, you could keep an eye online and maybe get another pair if they're in a sale.

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Wow! Those look out of this world!! So pro! 👍

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Well done I’m on week 7 just did run 2 today I guess this is the next step for me too

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Dexy5Graduate in reply to Pencoed18

Yes it was week 5 after the 20 minute run that I realised the trainers were going to have to be replaced and I couldn’t believe how better they were at shock absorption. Much comfier too.

I did that too, and bought a ‘graduation’ pair of Brooks cascadia trail shoes after a gait analysis and fitting at Advanced Performance in Cambridge. Of course I couldn’t wait until graduation and wore them on my W9R1 yesterday! Was also pleased to find they’re the same price in store as they are online - but how could you know which is the right shoe for you by buying online? Support your local store and get proper advice, I say.

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Nice colour! They may be half the price on Amazon but you can’t buy the advice provided by people trained to do gait analysis on the internet. Our local independent running shop will charge you £25 if you just do the assessment and choose to buy shoes elsewhere,and rightly so. I was there about 40 minutes finding the perfect pair of shoes for me. I will return to buy my next pair as i want the shop to continue. Use it or lose it. Happy running 🏃‍♂️

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Robert_IS_a_RunnerGraduate in reply to Dexy5

That's true. The guy asked me lots of questions and knew his stuff. Didn't sell me the most expensive one (they're all pricey!) but really wanted me to get the right shoe. So I recommend getting advice too.

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