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W5R1 in the bag 🤩🤩


Joined this group after being unable to complete W4R3 and all the positive comments really helped me to believe that not only could i do W5R1 but I could do it without having to go back a week, I am absolutely buzzing tonight after finding the run so much more manageable than I expected, can’t wait for W5R2 now😊.

I did leave 3 days between the runs to make sure I had fully recovered I’d struggled so much with W4R3 not just with my breathing but my legs had felt like lead weights I didn’t want the same thing to happen again and I’m sure it helped me. To anybody else in the same situation I would say give W5R1 a try you might just do better than you expected 😊😊

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You know just listen to your body and if it takes an extra day so what! Keep going and well done


Well done to you Walswife, glad you enjoyed W5R1 and are looking forward to run 2 of week 5. You can also look forward to run 3 of week 5 as well, that is the 20-minute one that everyone fears, but you will not fear that run whatsoever.

Well done 😊😊


I had exactly the same experience. W4R3 awful, W5R1 loved it! You won’t look back now!🏃🏻‍♀️

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