Completed week 1 - newbie runner

Hey everyone - new to this running gig; never really played much sport or did P.E., but decided (at the ripe old age of 25 :P) that I want to get fitter. So a friend on Twitter told me about this programme and I downloaded the app. Actually started last week, but got really nasty cold/flu so restarted this week. Got through the runs fine, was a bit stiff the first day or two but feeling good now. Any ideas about what to expect from week 2 (or how to pace myself?) I'm great at starting things with a hiss and roar, but not always great at persisting. I'm also really bad at keeping earphones on while I walk/run/do anything so any tips with that? Looking forward to continuing my progress - bring on week 2!


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  • Welcome to running forum😊C25k & this forum is best way ever to start your running path! Now im same as you good at starting thngs but not good at keeping itivated to continue 😀However if me at 59!!! Can finish this , & i never ran in my life, then you at 25 can easy do it😀 The secret is keep to the programme trust it & keep posting on here!! The program works 🏃😊🏃 careful not to start off to fast learn to slow down if you are tiring & pace yourself once you get on to longer runs. Good trainers are worth every penny & can help a few if these aches & pains, i like to stretch after runs & soak in a nice hot bath😊Headphones 😊I like the one that are wireless which loop round your ear as they stay in better. Most importantly enjoy!!! Benefits are brilliant 😊Good luck 😊

  • Hey - thanks for the encouragement :) it's really cool to see on the forums heaps of people of different ages who are able to accomplish this!

    Good point about the pacing; first run I was pretty slow and got a few stitches, second run felt great; first half I felt I was going faster and not panting as much but it made the second half harder, and 3rd run, I struggled with the first half but then finished strongly.

    You know that little voice in your head that says (helpful) things like:

    "That's so slow it's not even running"

    "bet you look like a beetroot right now"

    "Urgh, you're young and you're this unfit?"

    Sometimes it seems more about the mind than the body (though always about the breath) :P

  • These are the gremlins😂😂squash them with every step you take!! It takes time to get the pace right & I never worry about how slow I am still faster than my walk!! Keep going!! Il be 👀 out for you😊

  • Hi Ajtarbotton And Welcome!

    Best thing to keep that hissing and roaring going is to follow the programme and make sure you take your rest days. Keep posting on here too, there are bucket loads of helpful people just waiting to cheer you on☺

    Take it nice and slow. Week 2 is a slight step up but every week your body will have been prepared by the previous one.

    Good luck with the second week. ☺

  • Thanks - week 2 doesn't look so bad on paper, but we will see :)

    I'm also trying to add in a few slight hills so need to pace myself on those too.

  • Well done, and earphones are tricky. You can get the, them that hook over your ears..... I hope you enjoy the programme. I was the same as you when I started but funnily it's stuck... 3 years on and I'm still running, it's v addictive :)

  • 3 years - quite the commitment! Go you :)

  • Pick a 5k race that is a few months from now and sign up with your friend. Commit/sign up now. That is what I did. The fear of not being able to run it is what kept me on track long enough for me to establish the habit and fall in love with running.

  • Ooh - that's kinda scary right now to be honest with you :) but maybe I'll see if I can talk my husband into it with me :) he runs occasionally, but could run about 5k comfortably.

  • Ah it's so scary. But so good. 😊

  • Run at a comfortable speed, I think the programme tells us that we should still be able to have a conversation with someone - so no gasping for breath, nice and steady. The only thing you need to do, is to run for the time (no medal for speed)

  • Ok - I'll slow down; bit of a competitive number but sounds like that isn't doing me many favours :)

  • Welcome Newbie. I'm new to this running lark too, but I'm twice your age! Week one was a killer but I started week two with great gusto and enthusiasm and managed the first two runs quite well. Now I'm bundled up in a duvet with a hot water bottle and nursing a stonking man-flu level cold. Hopefully it won't be too long before I'm back out there jogging along at my snail-like pace. Keep checking this forum - there are some great posts here and loads of helpful, friendly folk.

  • Thanks - hope you're feeling better now and ready to get back into it :) I've done w2r2 this morning so just one more before I begin week 3 :)

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