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Knee pain


Hi I’m a graduate since last year been running regularly 2 -3 times a week since. I’ve developed knee pain that is worse on walking downstairs and towards end of day there’s no knee weakness and wonder whether it’s best to rest it or continue I’ve changed my trainers recently after the tread going and wondering whether it’s related I had gait analysis. I have trouble with motivation after not running for days in a row am worry that if I have a few weeks off to rest it I’ll give up. Not sure whether I’m using it as an excuse or should actually rest it?

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Sorry to hear about your sore knees. And don’t run through pain. 🙁

See a physio and get it dealt with quickly and efficiently! If you are told to not run for a while, you can keep your motivation up by focusing on core and glute strengthening exercises and listening to the very motivating, very entertaining Human Race podcast!

Sadie-runs x

alara79Graduate in reply to Sadie-runs

Ah thanks Sadie I guess I just needed someone to say that it was ok not to run haha. It’s only one knee I’ll rest it for a few days an if not better as u suggest physio or functional therapist appt. I’ll look up that podcast too 👏🏻😄

Sadie-runs in reply to alara79

And of course it is ok not to run, Alara! In fact, I am a firm believer in taking 5 days off every now and then, pain or not! It can actually help your performance, a bit of rest. I have a tiny calf niggle at the moment, myself. As much as it pains me to not run, I would rather that than hurt myself to the point of being out of the game for weeks!

We have to listen to the cues from our bodies, us runners. 😀🏃‍♀️ Hope your knee feels better soon. x

alara79Graduate in reply to Sadie-runs

Hope your calf niggle stops soon. I love the foam roller on my calf it works wonders 😄 yes your right re a bigger injury requiring longer injury couch time! X

Try these exercises, they may help!

alara79Graduate in reply to Rammy75

Thanks Rammy will look up an have a try. I do think there is some muscle imbalances going on so as u say may help 👍🏻


It could be the new shoes, if the pain started suddenly as you started using them, it's a shame you couldn't still use the old shoes and phase in the new one's, but, now maybe you could go back to the shop where you had the gait analysis and shoe fitting and take it up with them..

You should never try and run through any pain, that needs rest..

alara79Graduate in reply to davelinks

Yes might be worth re visiting shop to see what they say. Yes the trainers I had before ASICS they don’t do that model anymore so had to go for different 😕. Thanks for all helpful tips an advice. I now feel less guilty for not running through it.

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