Problems with my knee, is a knee support a good idea?

Ran w8r1 on Tuesday and had some twinges in my right knee. It got worse as the day went on but not excruciating or anything like that. I am desperate to get on with r2 which I would be doing today but am going to have to defer for a bit. I have had some fairly minor cartilage issues with it in the past which hugely improved by doing exercises in the physio knee class. I am going for a good walk today instead and have borrowed Hubby's rugby knee support which feels more comfortable. I am wondering whether to do my next run wearing the knee support as soon as my knee feels better. Anyone with any experience of this?

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  • I would reccomend using a knee support if it helps: I injured my knee quite badly and using one helped. The main question is to check if your shoes are ok? You can get a free gait analysis at most sports shops. The correct shoes will make a huge difference. Also, make sure you stretch out properly after each run.

  • I have intermittent knee problems from an old injury and now some arthritis and muscle imbalance. I use a knee support, I find it helps when running partly for warmth I think but also because it does offer some support and help with patella tracking. I absolutely have to continue to do knee exercises though, the physio ones you have been given will have been good and the C25K pages give good knee care exercises too. I guess you should check with your GP if it gets more serious. Ultimately I find my knee is better for running than not.

  • Thanks, I used the knee support for a longish walk yesterday and did another today without the support as it was feeling a lot better. I panicked as I so want to be able to keep running. I am planning to try r2 on Tuesday all being well and will use the support and keep doing the knee exercises.

  • i had a problem with my knee very similar to yours , it's very important not to run until pain is completely gone, i rested for entire week and i didn't start running couple of day after pain was gone, when i started running again i used knee support and i started taking glucosamine sulfate that helps your joints get stronger, it takes 4 weeks for it to start working, but I'm taking it just so it doesn't happen to me again in the future :), hope this helps ...

  • Thanks for the tip. I will try glucosamine and take a full week rest from running and will just walk and swim, crawl only, for now.

  • I'm a fan of kinesiology tape rather than supports and braces. I have hyper extending knees and patella tracking issues as well as various wonky joint issues. It's worth googling it to find out about the tape and is a good website to learn about application methods though their brand of tape is expensive. Check out amazon for cheaper tapes levotape or 3ns tex tape are good

  • Thanks, I will look into that. I did w8 r2 this morning outside and my knee was totally fine while running but just a bit sore afterwards, getting better now.

  • well i did write some good advice for you but some moron deleted it

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