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Stepping stones - what a leap


I’m a slow 5ker. Run 40 mins on treadmill, 45 to 48 on road (sand as well, Crosby parkrun!) took myself out last night and tried stepping stone to get my pace up. Was okay for the first 2 150 tracks but really struggled 155 and walked for the 160. Which was good in a way because it was after 10 pm and I was getting worried in the dark.

Another question: got shouted at last night for running past someone with her dog but I really had no choice (by dual carriageway, parked cars on pavement). What do other people do? Later on I met a man and husky and could go in the opposite direction until he was far enough away. Dogs aren’t normally an issue because if I run in the morning the parks are open and there’s lots of space. The main hazard is school kids at the bus stop!

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Dog walkers can be awkward. If they are coming towards me they are usually great and we manoeuvre around. If I come up from behind them I’ve had a couple of surprise leaps (from owner and dog both times!) and then cursing and barking.

I now engineer a loud cough a few car lengths away which usually prompts them to turn and a “thank you” as I pass.

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Thanks Jay66UK. I do try and not run up behind people because I find it freaky myself. I was running toward this lady last night which was why I was a bit surprised. Ah well.


I’m same pace as u and tried stepping stones yesterday, felt it was useful & my calves are sore now so focussed more on technique. My time however is was just same ! Will see if it improves wen I try the technical stuff they told me tomorrow .

As for trying to get past folk I just try to do it as politely as possible although do feel myself getting frustrated with the ditherers who don’t seem to recognise how important it is for me to just get past!! Dont they realise we are just focussed on our run & not their dogs ? 😂😂

Urgh dog walkers!! 😡 I come across a lot at the beach and they are a law unto themselves. I practically carried a puppy pug on my trainers as it tried to nibble my feet. The owner did nothing!! There’s only one stretch they are allowed but can be hazardous.

It was fine before it got so hot and now dig walkers are out at 6 too. 😣

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It's the cyclists at the beach who annoy me. I'm always ten minutes behind the main parkrun pack so they think it's clear then I always seem to be between cyclists coming in both directions! use your bells, people!

Yep them too!


As a dog owner, im sorry you met a bad dog walker, sadly there are a few about. Our dog is always under close control on paths and pavements. We have to share public places! The biggest problem I've had running is cyclists who think they have priority over walkers, runners, dogs, horses..! I've almost been knocked over on several occasions by speeding cyclists!

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I meet lots of lovely dog walkers, parkrun at the beach has dog runners as well as lots of walkers out and dogs off the lead are usually so because they are good under command. Although there’s always on wayward wet spaniel! I guess I was just worried I was missing on some etiquette but I guess it was late, it was just after the match was finished, and I wasn’t the only person out and about at what is usually a quiet time.

I tried the stepping stones podcast last week and found it so difficult to keep to the four beats in a bar rhythm that Laura was counting. I run to podcasts rather than music so I’m not used to running to a beat. The pace also started far too slow and ended far too quick!

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