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Couch to 5K
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First day out but calling it pre-pre week one

Wife and I went out for the first time today. Both early 40s, neither of us done any kind of running since education other than a panicky run to get a plane a few years ago and are almost the living embodiment of sedentary.

We figured we will try the C25K programme but build in a week before week one to get used to doing some exercise, perhaps just 30 minutes walking with very occasional 30s-1m slow jogs.

Today the bad news is we couldn't quite manage the full 30 minutes - the good news is we did manage to work in a bit more jogging than anticipated (may have proved our downfall actually) so we know we are capable of doing 60s without stopping at least!

Wife wheezing a bit but we have seen other posts on here that suggests that may well go with practice - so we are going to put in at least a further week before embarking on the actual week 1...so today was our first pre-pre week 1 'run'. I think I'll call it w-2r1!

Starting stats which will hopefully be painfully embarrassing by the time we finish.

mass - 100kg

leg one - (walking) - 0.52km, time 6m04s pace 11m42s/km (to end of road)

leg two - (jogging 3 x 60s + 90s walking intervals) 0.54km 6m00s pace 11.0mins/km (retn)

Leg three - 0.57km time 7m17s pace 12m46s/km - more walking in the local area

total activity - 3m jogging 16m 21s walking, distance 1.63km, speed 5.05 km/h or 3.14 mph in real terms.

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Welcome. That first session is a real shock to the system, but it all gets better from there. Even though it's been over three years for me I can still picture my first run in my mind's eye. Biggest trick is to keep your running really slow. Like REALLY slow. Completion is the name of the game during the program, you can work on things like speed afterwards.

Happy running.


Thanks for the message and support! It does seem very welcoming here. We are keeping it slow but we will try and remind ourselves not to get over confident on the speed issue as hopefully we develop! It is really positive reading other people's posts and we hope we will go the full distance.:)


Hi there and welcome:)

This is great journey you have begun, and you will have fun. Check out the links in the post FAQ, put together by one of the great team on here...it will give you sound, researched, and tried and tested advice:)


Then.. steady and slow is the mantra... tale the rest days without fail, and more if you need to...put in some extra non-impact exercise in on those days too... try not to repeat runs unless you really, really struggle... and post your runs.

There is great support on here and advice and friendship too...

Do try too, to ignore the idea of distance or times... just enjoy the journey, your journey, get to those 30 minutes having had fun...we will be right here with you, every step of the way :)

So..it is all waiting for you and we are looking forward to your next posts:)


Thanks for the advice! Every one says slow which is fine with us :) I know from daily life of zero aerobic fitness that if I rush I last for 30s and then completely flake out. Something that will hopefully change. The fact we managed 3 minutes of jogging albeit on and off was a bit of a shock to me and a great encouragement! :)

We will try some exercise too - we had heard that as legs are not familiar with running some strength things like squats are a good idea - we'd like to learn more from your faq but unfortunately the link doesn't work :/ I like swimming though I'm not sure if there is anything other than general fitness that this helps with regards running.

Oh and I don't think I'll take the times and distances to heart, I'm just a bit of a nerd on such things. They aren't goals more a record of (hopefully) development :)

Thanks for all your advice and we will keep posting!

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I will try and send you the link again :)


great, worked that time! Many thanks!

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Welcome to the forum. I started the programme after never having run and being very wary that I could actually do it. It was also part of my recovery from breast cancer, including dealing with the physical and psychological fallout from a mastectomy and lumpectomy .i reckon if I could do it, most people can. It was hard going at first, but the podcasts are a great way to keep you motivated and on track, telling you when to run and when to walk, with tips along the way too. As Oldfloss says, the key is to keep the running really slow and steady.

Good luck to you both. 🀞🏽



We are rather humbled and heartened by the range of graduates and what they have overcome to get so far - one reason we were keen to try c25k and indeed to join here. That and the number of people who actually stick with it afterwards - we really need something that hopefully we can keep up into the future too. WD on your PB last month btw! :)

We will take it as slowly as we can :)


Welcome both of you to C25K! You've done extremely well already. Here, noone will think that your stats are awful and you shouldn't even find them embarrassing. You've planned your start like PE coaches, very sensibly and gradually. It's also great to do it together: more support and more motivation!

So, when you feel ready to start (you are, don't worry: a lot of us had never done any running before or any real exercise), keep us posted about your progress and difficulties. The first couple of weeks can be tough. So have a look at Oldfloss's suggestions and FAQ link. If you feel out of breath: SLOW DOWN.

Have fun doing it and good luck!


Thanks for the message!

Wife will try and take it slowly from now on and (great how this site can help) we have noted quite a lot of people who have had initial problems with wheezing that eventually seem to die away - which is positive! Mean time we will keep it as slow as possible :) I know from very historic experience while I don't get wheezing particularly I do get shin splints - that kind of put me off any running based exercise at school and I'm hoping taking things easy will put off their occurrence as long as possible.

We will keep you posted on how we do!

Thanks :)

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You may feel that your muscles are reluctant... But if you follow the advice (rest days, very important) and stretch regularly and after the runs (not necessarily just after: it can be a few hours later), you'll be fine and even better, you'll find it easier and easier gradually. Enjoy!


I would forget all that preparation stuff and just go for it - week 1 run 1. The programme is designed for complete beginners and the sense of acheivement completing each 'run' is immense. It is pretty much scouts pace to begin with any way so your preparation runs are possibly way harder than actual thing. If I could complete programme , I am pretty certain that any can if they are determined to. 52, 4 stone overweight and an excercisephobe. The time afterwards is what I have been struggling with but I aim aiming for park run and my first 5k by Easter. Slow, slow, slow is the mantra. Best of luck!

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Thanks for the reply!

I know it is for absolute for beginners but really even going really slow the wheezing is a problem for my wife and it comes on with the running, not the fast walks. It seems to peak abt 15 mins after we start running and lasts quite a while and causes a lot of discomfort. Which is why doing 30m straight away would really be too much.

I don't think it is merely going too fast, her HR shows good recovery during the interval walks but she is still wheezing away!

We might get to start faster than we thought though...we did twice as much running the second time out and we were out for just over 30 mins. We put the running into the last 10 mins and though twice as much as run 1 it was no worse, maybe a little better.

We will try and get to w1r1 standard asap :)


Just remember than "run" is quite a loose term. During my last few weeks of the programme I was going so slowly that a quite elderly gentleman with a pack on his back walked past me! I'm sure my normal walk is often faster than my run. But the fact that it is harder must mean something.


Hi and welcome to the c25k forum. Lots of good advice from everyone, just want to add that the run sections only need to be a light jog, you are learning to run from scratch for a progressively longer period. You repeat each 'week' three times before moving on to the next, which builds up your stamina.

Its important to take at least one days rest between your sessions.

Find somewhere flat, some trainers (and a sports bra for ladies) and off you go...

Have fun with Week1 Run1 😊...


I am hoping my diet pays dividends before we hit the serious running stages of c25k or I might need the sports bra!! Thanks for the support ( ;) )!

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