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Badge for completing C25K

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Yippee just completed my final 3rd run of week 9 (the worst run ever I've had) and now need to get the badge to confirm I've achieved it and then maybe get to continue this 3x per week and start to lose weight - my health has improved but NOT my weight loss - what's that all about?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks all


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well done, you need to click on teh High Five!..... in teh pinned posts and leave a not to get you graduated badge. I completed now on consolidation runs. well done again

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Many thanks for this I shall indeed try and achieve obtaining a graduated badge and shall join all week 9ers on the consolidated runs. All the very best, kind regards:)

Hi Jo. I am on week 5 now of C25K and found that my health is also improving however I only started to lose weight once I paired the programme with NHS 12 week plan which is based on a 1400 per day calorie plan, increased fibre, decreased saturated fat, and increased water intake. Hope this helps! X

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Fantastic idea Lo, many thanks I shall look it up now.

Wishing you the best on your journey:)


Hi Jo,

well done! :)

I did my third run of Week 9 yesterday ... but I'm not happy! As for you that was one of my worst runs!! I was struggling with side stiches and was breathing hardly. Ok, it was already very warm outside and the air was very humid ... The last three weeks every third run was really awful ... but why!?? It was the third try ... I would have expected that the first run would be the hardest of every week with the long runs?!

I will do another Week 9 ... so than I can hopefully happily say that I'm a graduate ... now, after the run yesterday, I won't say that ... :(

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Note where you're coming from Lezlie and yes I agree I shall repeat week 9 for another week or two now just to really reaffirm "I've done it!" I hope others can assist you with your third runs on each of the last three weeks being not that good - are you doing them when you're more tired than the other two runs maybe. I wish you well and as we both re-graduate!!!:)


Congratulations! Shame the last one wasn't fun but I expect that you're delighted to have completed the programme! Now to just run 30 minutes to consolidate! Enjoy!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Many thanks, yes I think I shall do another week or two repeating week 9 to really get it fixed in my brain and then move on hopefully to parkruns maybe?!?!


woohoo congratulations!

If you really want to know why the lack of weight loss, there's a post in the FAQs here - which explains that running, alone, for up to 30 min, doesn't really burn many calories. But with a good diet you should lose weight, plus you now have the foundation to run longer and longer which will burn more :)

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