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2 runs post graduation and I'm passed 5k! Plus new shorts!

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Post graduation run 1 was nearly a disaster of a 30 min run when I inhaled a bug. It was too hot, too fast and not much fun. But it was a 30 min run!

Having related the full tale to a co-worker who runs over 10km she suggested we do a morning run together over the weekend. So at 7am we met by the river and off we went. It was pretty still but it was great having someone to chat to along the way. I went slower this time and it was cooler.

My tracking was set to miles not km so I miss converted the turn around point. We ended up doing 5.43km in 45min25sec!!

And it was fun and I feel so much less stressed!!

I've also bought myself a couple of pairs of ronhill running shorts. The single layer ones are long enough when stood still or walking but when running they ride up and then there is chaffing 😒 they are very lightweight and breathable so I can comfortably layer them over some lycra ones. I also got sent dual layer ones to test on Tuesday (they are very comfortable round the house at the moment)

Like all ladies sports wear both have the stupidly small back pocket and that is it!!

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Flies? Ugh! Well done for the 5k. How did you find running with a friend?

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It was really good - she was more than happy to go at my pace rather than her some what zippier pace. I think talking helps me regulate my breathing.

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Excellent πŸ˜„


Sounds fun. Shorts are definitely required at the moment


Omg I love the little hidden pockets. Revolutionary!

Well done on your early morning run πŸ‘ŒπŸ½


Well done in your run. I like Adidas running kit as the picket on the back is reasonably good. Like you I hate not having a pocket, and I don’t like any bag around my waist. Personally I’d like a decent zip pocket at the front. Much more sensible imo!

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