Couch 2 5K Plus Advice

Anyone have some advice about the C25k+ podcasts, how often to repeat them and the order to do them in ?

Speed (total 27 mins)

5 mins 155 bpm then

1 min 165 bpm

1 min 150 bpm

Repeat 6 times

Stepping Stone (total 40 mins)

10 mins 150 bpm

15 mins 155 bpm

5 min 160bpm

Stamina (total 45 mins)

10 mins 158 bpm

20 mins 160 bpm

5 mins 165 bpm

The speed one seems a good place to start although it's less than 30 minutes if you exclude the warm up/down walks and having spent the last three weeks running for 30 minutes straight thought this might be a step back.

The stepping stone and then stamina seem to be the next longest so I'm thinking Speed first as it will be a good change from repeating week 9 and then mix in Stepping Stone and then Stamina.

Or should you choose either speed or stamina and just aim for one ?

Advice appreciated.

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16 Replies

  • What I did was do a speed podcast each week PLUS either stamina or stepping stones PLUS a normal 5 K run. I did that till Easterish. Now I'm training for 10K and do 2 long runs (am up to 7k right now) plus a speed each week. For me it works. Good luck!

  • Thanks Delia. I suspect mixing the podcasts up a little will keep it interesting. Good luck with the 10K :-)

  • I agree with Delia - my usual routine in the week is one session of speed tacked onto a longer run - I always try to keep my distance about 5 k. I do stepping stones for my second run of the week - with a slightly longer free run if I feel like it and have time. Then for my third run of the week I add 10% on wherever I am on time as opposed to distance. Currently up to about 45 mins. Aiming for 10k.

  • Sounds like a good progression. Good luck with 10k :-)

  • I did speed and stamina once only: I felt that I was already at the level of doing them comfortably. Stepping stones was a little too slow.

    It depends on you though: everyone does something different.

    I moved fairly quickly on to audiofuel podcasts and the B210k podcasts.

    I run 3x weekly and have a rest day between each run. I'm currently doing around 7k each run, but expect that to increase over the next few weeks of the b210k programme. I did run 2 days in a row last week but found I needed 2 rest days to recover so don't plan on repeating that any time soon. I take weekends off.

  • I can see why you take the weekend off !

    Which b210k podcasts did you go for ?

  • I think it's called Bluefin...I have to have a simple podcast - no fancy phone and I use my old iPod nano when running. The podcasts are fine. Only downside is it's the same music every single time.

  • I did stepping stones for a couple of weeks then speed only once ( not sure why) then stamina loads. I moved on to Audiofuel and silky Steve and now do about 4 runs a week a mixture of 5 and 10k's and aiming for one longer every week. I have set milestones too in order to spurned on when I'm low. Good luck!

  • Thanks juicy. I think I'll try speed and stamina for now but the audiofuel products do look good and not just the running ones.

  • I never got on with Stepping Stones. It seemed too slow or my steps were too short or something. I love Speed and do it every week. I actually do my own version of it now as I prefer running without music (or Laura) now. I do Stamina occasionally to try to teach myself a better pace.

    I run 3 times a week - life and its happenings permitting! I mix it up, sometimes doing hills, sometimes HIIT, sometimes longer runs.

  • Thanks for replying Christian and having tried Speed this evening I can see the appeal.Still sat here sweating though about an hour later (must be the heat).

    I think I may give it a go twice a week and then try the longer run to see if it helps with times / distance.

  • It will, oh it will! :)

  • I found, like you and many of us Stepping Stones odd.. I used to end up doing a funny little shuffle step and dance! Love Speed.. and Stamina too :)

  • I do Speed once a week then Stamina and then my third run is always a long slow run. I am up to 9km and aiming for 10km. I will then start to work on getting it faster, and maybe trying some Audiofuel podcasts. I feel it's always good to have a target so it doesn't get boring. This weekend I did a hill run of 5km on an 8% was fantastic. I try to include hills were possible in my long run and Stamina run, it really does help to improve your time and distance. Good luck with whatever you try :)

  • Thank you rockchick and I think you're right about having something to aim for. Stepping Stones seems to be enjoyable for now and have mixed it with Speed a couple of times. Will give Stamina a try though.

    Good luck with reaching 10k - sounds like you won't have long to go :-)

  • I did a week of, three runs Steeping Stones , then a week of three runs, Speed.. and then the same for Stamina.. did not enjoy Stepping Stones.. weird, but good discipline; Speed and Stamina which I absolutely love... I use them often.. either stand alone or more usually in mix and match at the beginning in the middle of tagged onto a longer run.

    Use Bluefin for Bridge to 10K m gave it up because it drove me nutty music wise.. used Sami Murphy, to get to 10K as did many of us.. :)

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