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w5r3 Dreading it!!


Really dreading this run as I struggled with w5r2, its not my legs but my lungs.....I can't breath thro' my nose and exhale through my mouth as I'm running, so end up gasping for breath.

At 56 am I expecting too much from my body, having never run before? Or will I get there...eventually! Would appreiciate some feed back please, thank you.

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Definitely not expecting too much!!! I turned 57 9 days ago and am just about to start week 7 and I have found every single run hard mainly because, like you, I can't breath properly. I'm told it gets better so head down and just keep going is my motto. I'm sure we will both get there in the end. Good luck.

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Thank you for all your support and encouragement and well done you, hope I can follow in your footsteps.


Not at all! You'll get there just keep on running! GOOD LUCK!

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Thanks for your support.

I'm right behind you marpar, I do W5R2 tomorrow and I'm dreading my R3 later in the week. Just think, we've made it through every run so far! Laura wouldn't let us down now. When I run I try to hold my shoulders back and keep my eyes on the horizon. I find this position makes breathing easier. Best of luck and let us know how you do!!! xx

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Good luck for tomorrow, hope all goes well, should finish my week 5 at the end of the week as I have done w5r2 a couple of times to get my confidence up, so here's hoping...


I was dreading it too (a 49 year old "mouth breather"!!) - I thought surely I can'y be ready for this step up, but I surprisingly was.

Trust the programme - you are ready.

I think this run is actually more getting through the mental barrier rather than the physical one!!

I've just run the 25 mins and found sucking the odd Tic Tac when my mouth was getting paricularly dry helped!!!

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Well done to you, your message will spur me one, thanks


To be quite honest, I wouldn't worry about the breathing technique too much at this point, breathe whichever way feels comfortable. No point in following the Laura technique if you end up gasping!


Don't worry about the breathing , I can't breathe tin through my nose and out through my mouth, I just end up gasping, but I have tried to slow down my breathing and found that helps. The important thing is to keep running. You can do it!

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I'll try with the slowing down of the breathing. Thank you for your advice.


I too can't do the breath in through your nose and out through your mouth thing. I just take medium breaths and try not to gasp or breath too deeply and so far it seems to be working. I completed wk5 run 3 on sunday and tonight completed wk6 run1.

Laura seems to be more supportive encouraging us that we have trained for this next step and dare i say it she's right.


There's no way I can breathe through my nose, so I'm a 'mouth breather' all the way, just wish those pesky flies would keep away from the back of the throat ;) Ah well adds a bit of protein to the diet!!! Good luck with week 5 run 3, have to say that was the one where I felt on top of the world once I had done it :)

I'm a 51 year old mouth breather.

I found Gordon Pirie's 12th law of running useful:

12 - Running equals being out of breath, so breathing through the mouth is obligatory

(hence the nickname "Puff Puff Pirie").

"...Gordon Pirie broke 5 world records in the course of his career..."



Chewy - that is just the sort of information we need!

I'm 60, got to week 7, also feeling that the air and not the legs was the limiting factor. I don't really know how I breathe except I can't imagine how to do Laura's technique without passing out through lack of oxygen. When I do think about it for about 15 secs before my mind wanders on to something else, I try to breathe in, in, out, out (four strides), but I think it is completely random when I'm not concentrating. But whatever, it gets steadily easier as the weeks go on, and by the time you get into wk7 (25mins non-stop) the breathing feels less of a problem.

I don't see how breathing through you nose is ever going to be enough when running.

I'm a clarinettist and you can't get enough air in quickly enough for playing if you breath through your nose. The air quality may be better but it takes longer to fill up.

I find that although my default breathing is 'diaphragm breathing' when I'm running my breathing tend to become too shallow and uncontrolled.

Did W5R2 yesterday and it was better though. Maybe I've found my pace now....


I actually found week 5 R2 very difficult as well and was dreading run 3 - but although it definitely wasn't easy I made it to the end and didn't find it as difficult as run 2 for some reason.

Well that is very encouraging, thank you for that and well done you!


I'm 49, and have struggled with the breathing,until one day it fell in to place, or truly over a number of months. I now only use my mouth when I need extra, and don't make as much noise as I used to. Some runs I used to be almost howling. (W8R3 yesterday, 11 1/2months after W1R1).

Well done you, what a fantastic achievement you must be feeling very proud of yourself. I hope to follow in your footsteps! Keep up the good work.

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