W8R2 - Taxis and Batteries

I woke up this morning with a plan, a plan so cunning that the local fox was on the phone asking me if I'd like to speak at the next annual fox planning meeting. I would run this morning and then Monday finish week 8, Wednesday enter the graduation week and finish with a flourish next Sunday. I know, it doesn't get much more cunning than that does it ?

Except that I hadn't accounted for my youngest daughter's text. I was all dressed to run, about to go out and I then noticed she'd asked for a pick up from her sleep over at 10:00, to which I replied "Of course darling, I live to ferry you around at your convenience" (as do all parents obviously). No worries, I'll do the pick up and then go out. As I was driving over I spotted another couple of runners on my route and it felt good, I was a runner, I was starting to raise my fist in that Gdansk shipyards type of solidarity salute but I hesitated, probably not a good idea.

Back home, back into shorts, re-equipped all of the bits of electronics I seem to need in order to run, heading to the door I clicked on the IPOD, let's do it ! Except that nothing happened. The IPOD has run out of power, “oh dear” (or “oh for f*** sake”) I muttered under my breath. No worries, I'll have some breakfast and let this thing charge for an hour, it's Saturday, I have nothing else planned, it's no big deal.

Finally I get under way and when the running music started I realised that the pace on Led Zep's – Kashmir was perhaps a little too fast but what the heck. After Zep I did a very old song revived by the film; American werewolf in London, remember Bad Moon Rising by CCR ?

I changed my route so that I could not do circuits as I had done last week but rather head out into the country and by pure luck as I hit countryside The Dixie Chicks sang about “Wide Open Spaces” which is a lovely song and a good pace. I passed a runner coming the other way also wearing headphones so we exchanged a wave, solidarity brother.

Do you remember I asked what happened to Men at Work in my last blog ? Well, going through my music collection whilst composing the latest play list I remembered. Colin James Hay, who was their lead guy, had started a solo career and produced one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded called “Waiting for my real life to begin”. I've put a link at the bottom for this song if you've not heard it I'd recommend a listen.

I finished up the run to Jack and Diane from John Melencamp and then the late, great Kirsty McColl “In these shoes ?”. Good pace by the feel of it but either way I'm back on track to graduate in week from tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Colin James Hay - Waiting for my real life to begin


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15 Replies

  • Love, love, love your blog, Chewy and your link to Colin James Hay! Always liked Men at Work, sure we have the original album up in the loft! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, trials and tribulations! Good luck for next week - roll on graduation next Sunday!

  • Thanks Oona. Yes, I think we have the very same album in the attic, yellow cover if I remember correctly.

  • Fab blog post, so glad I haven't got taxi passengers in my life throwing my plans out!

    Love your choice of music (apart from Jack and Diane but it would be boring if we all liked all the same things lol!).

    I will give that link a listen in a bit. x

  • Thanks Deryn. You're absolutely right about the musical taste, no fun if everyone likes only the same music.

  • Well done Chewy! Great blog as ever. See you at the finish line next Sunday then eh? :)

  • Thanks Fraz, I needed something to aim at to revive my flagging enthusiasm, graduating next week is just the motivation I need.

  • Brilliant stuff Cewy. The blogs just get better and better. Not sure about the Led Zep track as a running number but you'll know if it worked. Look forward to checking out the link and reading about your progress towards graduation. Hope your plan is as successful as you want it to be. Good luck.

  • Thanks janda. It was too fast but I put in a new PB so I'm not disappointed. I took 30 secs/km of my previous pace which is very encouraging. Don't get the impression I'm fast, I'm not but I'm getting better all the time.

  • Well done Chewy and gosh, I sure know what you mean about ferrying daughters around! It's Saturday night and we'll soon be picking up 12-year-old from party and taking 19-year-old plus gang of friends to disco.

    Of course we rememeber CCR ;-)

  • My wife says it's the price you pay for choosing to bring your children up in even a semi rural area. Chances are their school friends will live in other villages and the only transport is parents. A price I don't mind paying really.

  • Great post and good on you for sticking with your cunning plan! Would have been very easy to excuse yourself... My kids, hubby and dog are always throwing up challenges that mean jigging my plans. Nice to get some music ideas too... Good luck with graduation! I am a day behind you, according to the plan....

  • Your determination is inspiring chewy, well done! Your blogs really make me giggle and inspire me to complete this programme. I'm sticking with Laura and her dodgy taste in music til the bitter end as I don't want to risk failure at this late stage! Although I admit I'm lookin forward to more motivating tunes in the very near future. I'm out later today on w8 r3 so we should graduate around the same time (fingers crossed!). Good luck with your last run of w8 then just 3 runs to go! Gulp!

  • Great blog as usual Chewy! Glad you managed to still get out despite the taxi and battery distractions - what a pro!

    Not long now to the finish line - we will be graduationg around the same time so look forward to the celebration parties that are on the near horizon!!

  • you are tenacious! Great blog, and a very cunning plan indeed. Good luck for graduation week!

  • Oh yes, the things we do to fit in running and families! I'm so *not* a morning person, but twice in the past week I've run before breakfast, as that's been my only opportunity... And I'll be doing it again on Wednesday this week, too. (I'm hoping that as Mr Rainbow realises that I really am doing this, and I will fit it in at all costs, he might get slightly more accommodating, but won't rely on that...! :) )

    Good luck for graduation week! :)

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