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W8R2 - first parkrun!


I'm feeling a bit dazed at the moment, but I have just achieved a major goal - completing my first parkrun!

The course at Mile End is quite twisty, and you do two circuits - this means that you have to go up and over the Green Bridge 4 times. That is a killer!

The runners and volunteers were great, but most of them left me in the dust as I ploughed through my regulation 28 minutes. I was overtaken by a mum with a child in a pushchair, by a woman who was 6 months pregnant, and by that Indian guy who is famous because he is still running at 100 years old.

I was one of the last to come in, but I did it in about 43 minutes. (I'm not sure as the Parkrun site is not yet showing people's times.) Still, at least I have set a baseline for myself.

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That's brilliant Katie! A huge well done to you for doing parkrun before graduation. I bet you'll be grinning all day 😊

Love your tags!

Katie204Graduate in reply to Irishprincess

Thanks! I was pretty tired going round the course, and of course I hadn't yet had any breakfast, but I feel fine now.

I nearly didn't go, as the gremlins were telling me to stay in bed and think about starting next week - also I was out late last night, at drinks with my neighbours. But at least now I know I can do it!


Well done. What an achievement.


Brilliant - well done!


Well done Katie204 , funny report and a great time.


Well done you.. braver than me by a mile! Excellent!


Well done! You recorded a respectable time for a first parkrun and it will surely improve after an earlier night. 😉

I hope you enjoyed the experience.

P.S. A mum with a pushchair has wheels and 6-month pregnant woman runs on crazy levels of hormones... 😁

Katie204Graduate in reply to secan

Hi Secan - it's so kind of you to say that! I'm not sure that "enjoyed" is the word I would use for struggling up those slopes, but I'm glad I made it round. I was in the last 3, but apparently a couple of people dropped out part-way through, so at least I was a finisher.


Well done! And you got to see the old Indian guy! Did you go on your own? I'm planning to do my first parkrun next week. Barcodes are ready. I'm nervous now it's coming round!

Katie204Graduate in reply to Digger74

Hi Digger - I did go on my own, but got chatting to some of the people when I arrived. (I was a complete parkrun virgin, so I didn't know anyone there.)

It seems that the Mile End posse are a pretty speedy bunch of people, but everyone there was very welcoming and helpful. I was a bit nervous beforehand, as I didn't know what to expect, but once I got going it was OK. Also I was listening to Laura as I went round, so I had her familiar voice to keep me going.

Digger74Graduate in reply to Katie204

Well done. My local is Hatfield Forest, it's flat, so I'm not too worried about the running. I don't know what I'm nervous about, I'm sure it'll be grand. I suspect I've just been building it up for too long!

Katie204Graduate in reply to Digger74

Running in the forest - that sounds beautiful!

I found it was a new experience running in a group with other people. I learned a lot by watching *how* other people run - most people seemed to be striding out and kicking their legs up much more than I do.


Aaand my result has just come in from Mile End! I was 208th out of 210 runners, but I got round in 42:05 minutes.

Digger74Graduate in reply to Katie204

Brill! You've broken your duck. Will you go again next week?!

Katie204Graduate in reply to Digger74

Yes, I am planning to go again next week - and I aim to break through the 40-minute barrier if I can.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Katie204

Well done you x


Well done Katie :) just done mine too! Damn you get all the good place names and famous people over there :P

Katie204Graduate in reply to Kallyfudge

Hi Kally - I saw your report. Well done to you too!


Well done Katie ! I think you're bound to be nervous for your first Parkrun , you just don't know what to expect :-)

Fab stuff ! That's your Saturday mornings sorted ! :-) xxx


Great! What a great achievement. When you get the email it will tell you where you placed in terms of gender and age so that's probably more useful than your overall place. Hope you enjoyed the experience- a real milestone for you x


Great effort well done ☺


Katie, that's amazing! I didn't manage to run 5k until weeks after I graduated, well done you superstar!

I just looked at our scores from yesterday and if you did a parkrun up here in t'North with "normal" folk (I mean that in the nicest possible way, as in they're not the super-human's London seems to attract) your position would have been midway xxx

Katie204Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks Pam! (I feel a move northwards coming on...)


Well done you for getting out there and doing it! My friends keep egging me on but I'm not going to do it until I've actually done my 5km myself :)

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