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W7R1 ouch!!!


Just been running outside for the first time so far on my couch to 5k journey and I have to say that really hurt. I used to think it was pretty flat where I lived but now it feels like I've been running through the Himalayas. Tarmac is pretty unforgiving too and to that fiery orb in the sky can go to hell. I can't wait for the next Ice Age.

Total drama aside, it went quite well, I covered 4.5k in 27 mins with a warm up and cool down either side.

Glad I've done it tho as I've broke my outside running duck, I couldn't see anyone pointing, staring; no passers-by throwing pies; nor could I hear stifled fits of laughter. Think I'll need to hydrate more and could have done with a banana before hand!

Hopefully next time will be easier.

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That’s a fast run. No wonder it hurt!

Fatdad71Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

Being outside is totally different from being on the treadmill. Think I need to drop the pace of the music next time.

I was looking at my times from week 4 earlier and I'm covering more ground now at greater speed. I'm not trying to race as I'm old and overweight but you too will find your pace improves naturally with time too.


OldflossAdministrator in reply to Fatdad71

Slow down... speed and distance come after Graduation :)


Well done! First run outside does feel kinda odd. People see you and yet they don't really notice. Good luck.


Well done...now..just slow down and relax... forget speed and forget distance... just take it gently as you move on.

Running outside is fine...it is just so different than running indoors.... just slow down and enjoy it:)


Thanks oldfloss. I'll leave the techno behind next time!


It is difficult to find the right pace when you first make the move to outside. My advice is to really stick to the advice of ‘can I hold a full conversation in sentences while running’ rule. Also please let us know what you talk to yourself about! 😀

Oh and big congrats on your run! That was loads!

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