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Ouch! :( w7r1

Finished w7r1 today. I've really struggled with the last two 25 min runs! I feel like I've become fit enough to run for that long, but I feel like my body just can't keep up! Had some really bad pain in my knee, ankles and in the arches of my feet... Could all of this be down to wearing the wrong shoes? Or do I maybe just need to start adding in some strength training?

I'd really love some advice, as I'm scared I might cause some major damage if I keep going. But I'm so close to the finish line now!

***I actually just mapped out how often I've been running and realised that for the last 6 weeks, I've ran only twice each week (max!). Looks like I've been taking much longer breaks than I thought! I'm assuming that would probably be the reason why... But now since I'm here already, would you guys say it would be better to go back to an easier run, that's possibly not that demanding on my body?

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well done though. cant say as i haven't got there yet ( just starting week 6) but it does seem common for people to take TWO days off between runs from what I can read..

I CAN say i had bad calf muscle pain earlier but that was cured by going to the shop and getting 'gait analysis' and a pair of correct trainers fitted for me.. haven't had pain since, so maybe its worth considering?

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Yeah I think you might be right averageman... Its time to start investing in some quality shoes.

Thanks for the advice :)

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Always welcome has 2 advantages..

1. Cushion your feet more so less injuries

2. You spend money on it so makes you want to get your moneys worth. Therefore incentive to keep running!


Hi Nayanne, I agree its hard now the runs are longer. In fact I am having to push myself to go out now which I never had to before. Once I have started the body feels better, just seems to ache b efore I start. I am taking longer rests in between too, 2 to 4 days in fact. Good luck with your next 2.


Thanks oldrunner! :)


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