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Did first run of week two today. Am finding I am nowhere near as breathless as I was even in the space of a week. But I am finding my arches hurt and my legs, not really shins exactly but sort of upper ankle lower calves. That was a real off putter today, the actual running wasn't easy at all but it was definitely the pain that put me off. Also my knees didn't hurt during running but ache now. Both knees and arches ache a bit now, not really sure what to do. Don't think they need ice as it's only a little ache but I don't want them to hurt next time. I didn't get shoes properly fitted, is it really that essential??? Also, I like it when it's raining gently, it's quite soothing and refreshing. However, of the 4 runs I have done it has rained on every single one, and 3 of them I have gotten absolutely soaked on. Wore my normal coat the first time I ran but practically boiled wearing it. I am in a bit of a conundrum at the moment on the subject of running gear. i'm loathe to spend out lots of money on proper running gear. But at the same time, I would like to continue running after the c25k programme finishes, and I am even more loathe to spend out on some stuff now that is cheapish but "ill do" and then spend out even more further down the line on the "proper" stuff. I just feel like it's a bit early in the journey to shell out money, but if I go out in the pouring rain with a normal hoody that gets sopping wet again or a normal coat that I have to take off as it weighs a ton and is boiling hot i can see I could quite easily get fed up. Hmmm!

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Well done on your progress so far. It's good to know you can already see improvements in your fitness as I am only on my second run and get really out of breath.

I know what you mean about the running gear. I have been out in a fleece tonight and it got totally soaked and I was quite warm. I'm not sure what to do either as I agree it might be a bit early to invest in some real running gear. Infact to be honest I'm not even sure I know what real running gear would consist of, I usually dodge any sort of sports shop at all costs :)


Hi I am just about to start week 5 - just a tip for cheap running gear - try sports direct - I bought a lot of Karrimor stuff from there and they are really cheap online. If your only doing the 30 minute podcast maybe best to leave the coat at home as I know I get so warm once I start that I don't need a coat - your going to get wet anyway lol - just look at is as a cooling hand ;-)


I did the same as TeamTia and bought Karrimor stuff from Sports Direct, its cheap and does the job well. I have no plans to upgrade any of the stuff I've bought until next season when I'll need winter gear. In the long term I plan to buy better brands to add to my running collection but I definitely won't be getting rid of the cheap stuff.

If you really can't face shelling out just yet, you could simply purchase a lightweight wind and waterproof jacket that can be tied around your waist if you get hot. It doesn't have to be a running jacket, any lightweight one will suffice. ;)


Sports direct is the best for cheap proper stuff and sainburys also does some good bits. TBH half the time I don't bother with a jacket in the rain, I just get wet.

Shoes are important, you can either go to a running shop and get a proper gait analysis or look at this,...

(sorry but its a copy and paste job) and do the wet foot test to get an idea of the type of shoe you need. Again sports direct sells good shoes at huge discount and you can search by high or low arch shoes. Running shop will give you the best info but shoes will be current season and normal price. So......

Good luck


I have just been online and got a windproof jacket that was only 20 quid and a short sleeve tshirt for fiver. I can cope with that sort of shelling out :) i tried the wet foot test and it said my foot was "normal" and my shoe is designed for it so.....I think I'll see how it goes, it could just be getting adjusting I suppose?? Ha. I'll see how it goes anyway, thanks for the replies :)


my advice would be if you are investing in any running gear it would be shoes (and socks...they do make a difference!)/

I'd also echo all comments above Sports Direct is great for cheap gear (£5 for a top).

Happy shopping :)


hi do you have lidils near you as every no & again the do running gear.It normaly cheap and good wareing or a decathlon shop.


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