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Sorry !

Hiya, sorry I know I asked about this last night, but I was wondering if anyone else had opinions or advice on my hip pain. I completed week 7 yesterday, but for each of the three runs, my hips really hurt during and after my runs. At times I thought I'd have to stop but I just went really slow and it did ease slightly and I kept going. Today is my rest day and I usually do an exercise class on a Wednesday night then start my new week on a Thursday. Has anyone else had the same sort of pain and if so, what did you do? I don't know if I should rest again tomorrow then run as usual or if I should rest longer. I don't really want to stop while I'm on a roll ! But, I am worried in case it doesn't get better as the shin splints in earlier weeks did. Thanks very much 😊🤔

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Hiya! You’d probably benefit from a physio checkup on self-referral to be honest. Hips are tricky and I’m sure no one would want to tell you to go ahead, only for you to end up with a serious injury. Have you any previous injury in the hips - and is it both hips or one - and where are we talking about? I have hip pain from arthritis and it’s right under the groin. But that is normal for me and doesn’t get worse with running. The top of my left leg quad was aching after Saturday but 99% better by this morning’s run and no worse afterwards... but I was mega careful. I plan to take extra ‘repair days’ if I need to in weeks 7 to 9, but I should be OK for my second run of W7 on Thursday - I think. But do listen to your body, as an extra day or two repairing is way better than weeks on the injury couch. 😉


Hiya. Thanks so much for your reply. I too have arthritis, in my feet and knees, but this is different. I've not had any sort of hip injury previously. The pain is at the top of my legs on the outside at hip level, feels sort of in the joint, almost like a burning sensation, on both sides. I did notice yesterday when I speeded up for my last minute and my strides were longer, the pain eased which was odd. I think I'll definitely forgo the class tomorrow and see how I feel come Thursday. If need be, I may take extra rest days as you suggest. Thanks again😊

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Hmmm yes - that’s not the same as my experience. I find the NHS stretches for runners helpful but not sure, sorry! Hope the resting helps.


If this persists please get checked out by a GP or physio.

Are you wearing proper running shoes fitted after a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop? If not, then your footwear may be contributing.


Hiya, thanks for your reply. I am wearing running shoes but I've not had my gait assessed. I assumed after my shin splints eased off, I wouldn't have any further problems. I'm hoping that I've just over done it and a rest will help, fingers crossed.


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