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W5R3 - wow, sorry typo woe...


So, every time I complete another run I’m amazed - really amazed. I can’t imagine running for 20 minutes so was really struggling getting passed W5R2 and was getting very demoralised. I decided, yesterday to have a go at the 20 minute run - it was already quite warm at 7am but I could only manage 11 minutes. With everyone’s experience - should I just stay on this run until I can do the 20 minutes? What do you think please?

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If you feel it might help go back to the previous run then attempt r3 again. It sounds like you've built it up to be something you can't manage and it's completely doable but you need belief in yourself or at least the programme.

It's really not that bad if you set out steady and just keep on going. Its only a handful of songs on a playlist and then its done 👍😉

I’d never thought if it that way - I’ll sort out a playlist and try again! Thank you x


You certainly should not move on until you complete a run to your own satisfaction and there is little point in going back, so yes, repeat the run until you complete it, knowing that each run is making you stronger.

If you are struggling, then you probably need to slow down. Are you running at an easy conversational pace, as outlined ed in the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Thank you again iannodaTruffe, I’m carrying en enormous amount of weight so I’ll just have to accept I need to take my time.

I have no problems taking a repeat run. I work on the basis of slowly building up and sometimes just half a step back allows your body to recover. Take the example of climbing Everest. They don't go straight up to the summit, the mountaineers go up to say camp 3, then return to camp 2, then camp 4, return to camp 3. Each time the body becomes a little stronger. Eventually you will reach your summit.

Psychologically W5R3 is tough. I was looking after a friend's dog and ran it with him. Focusing on the dog kept my internal dialogue at bay. I found Michael Johnson telling me I had done a good job before I knew it.

Step back if your body is telling you to ease up a little go for camp W5R3 when you have acclimatised.

I just did W6R1 and with the knowledge that I could do 20mins it felt easy.

Hope that helps and good luck.

That’s great Falcn, thank you very much!


I hadn't told me family I was doing c25k until I got to week 5 as up till then I felt reasonably confident that I could do it. But I was really freaked out by the idea of running for 20 minutes so decided a) all support was good b) if I told them it wouldn't be so easy to back out ;)

take it very easy and get a playlist together - running with music has really helped me sone out the inner doom-monger.

good luck!

Thank you - I might just give that a try!

KirstyW in reply to jeffbird

I agree. I started making up playlists starting with the 20 minute run. It’s now become a big part of my preparation. My musical taste often tends towards the slightly depressing but now I’m running round parks listening to uplifting pop songs. I barely recognise myself anymore 😂.

jeffbirdGraduate in reply to KirstyW

me too - in so many ways!

I did that run this morning and found it hard. Try it again maybe having a longer warm up and take it a bit slower for the 1st 10 minutes until you feel more comfortable pushing a little bit harder?

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