I'm sorry I haven't a clue

It seemsI'm in this group under false pretences. Not that I realised of course. It was whilst running this evening in the company of Jack Dee et al, that the slow realisation that I'm not doing the same as everyone else descended upon me like a damp blanket.

Sure enough, I've double checked, and I'm not doing the official C25K but one called Fitness 22 (in brackets C25K). I wondered why I didn't find w5r3 tricky - largely because you don't run 20 mins in one go.

So. I prostrate myself before you all and beg forgiveness for masquerading as one of the club when I'm not. *hangs head in shame *

However, I did get to The Bus Stop and a considerable way beyond this evening on my third attempt at w6r3. He who dares and all that.


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  • I can think of worse company than Jack Dee, did he manage to keep up?

  • Hardly. Although he was managing Barry Cryer so....โ˜บ

  • You are still doing 25k just on a different programme. The actual runs differ a little in length and build up. Yours go a little slower at first then increase more quickly at the end and you will run 35mins as your final run. Same goal though so no need to feel under false pretences! The nhs podcasts are available on the internet and have music with them. You could try them out and see or keep going as you are. Either way you are well on the way in your running journey. Keep going!โ˜บ

  • Haha, I started on the same app as you but when I found this forum I liked the sound of this Laura that everyone kept talking about, so swapped to the podcast downloads instead on week 2 (and mapmyrun app also running in background on my phone to track my distances like the original app did). I'm sure nobody minds you being on the forum, it's a very welcoming place, and you're still learning to run, but the majority here seem to get on best with Laura chattering at us. Well done on passing your bus stop!!

  • โ˜บ funnily enough I just rely on MM for that (see previous posts).

  • I too started with a different app - I had Sarah Millican but couldn't bear the sound of my pounding heart between instructions! Discovered Laura through this forum and music definitely helps me. We all have the same purpose - we want to run - does it matter how we get there ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Good grief. This one has pretty much nothing other than "start running" and "slow down and walk" which is code for "thank god for that" as you have no warning whatsoever that the torture is going to end. On the plus side, I do a little shout "yessssssss" once I'm allowed to stop running. โ˜บ

  • You are still doing it, just slightly differently! Definitely still one of the club and you'll definitely still be a graduate at the end of it all!

    I do advocate the podcasts. Laura's well timed advice is great, just when you think you can't manage any more she pipes up with some encouragement, telling you you're nearly there, keep going, etc, etc. I don't think I'd have got through the programme without her!

  • Go Janey...you are learning to run for a sustained period which is the same goal as everyone on here...๐Ÿ˜Š

    Keep posting, keep running, keep succeeding.๐Ÿ˜Š

    Im sure Laura would approve.

  • If you want to be considered a real runner by the hardened graduates of the NHS C25k podcast programme, then you have to prove that you can keep going through the grim minutes of "Julie". If you don't know who Julie is, then you are an interloper indeed, who had a lucky escape.


  • I know not of this Julie you speak of. โ˜บ

  • She's a friend of Mrs Trellis....

  • Oh yes. She lives near Mornington Crescent I believe. ..

  • You are still out there, aiming for that elusive 30 minute run so I don't think it matters how you get there, it is still a huge achievement!

    But to not have the encouragement and support of Laura, now that just sounds plain wrong!!! I loved hearing her tell me to keep going, she seemed to always know when things were getting tough. Worth her weight in gold to me!

  • My husband has just bought me a new c25k app which allows me to listen to my own music and it just chips in with instructions. Have checked the program is the same but am very wary of leaving Laura behind coz you're right she does seem to know when you need encouragement. Which do I choose good music or Laura's dulcet tones?

  • Laura everytime ! Deffo ! :-) xxx

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