One for the ladies, sorry men 😂

Okay so I got to week 2 run 2 and had a super difficult time. I decided to take a few days out and so I swam instead.

I've been trying to get back into it but just haven't had the motivation or energy! Turns out it was the week leading up to the good old monthly!

Now I'm almost finished that dreaded week, I've found my self itching to get back in the gym!

Do any other girls loose motivation and struggle around the time of the month?


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16 Replies

  • I find it harder to run, mainly because my boobs hurt! It's agony! But if I take painkillers and power through, I tend to find it makes me feel better in the long run - it helps with the lethargy and improves my mood. Swimming is my preferred option too though.

  • Ugh tell me about it! Even the best sports bra doesn't help!!

  • Agreed, my next task is to grade my bras...... one in particular is about as much use as wearing a handkerchief

  • I reckon mine's got more sophisticated engineering than my Audi! 😂

  • Yup, water retention doesn't help and any little twinge seems to hurt more, oh and stomach cramps too. Yup there are times when it sucks being a girl. But then we can wear pink to cheer up💅🏼

  • If you don't already take it, try high strength evening primrose oil and cod liver oil. I've found this helps my joints too. Once your body has got used to regular running, you may well find time of the month issues get less anyway.

  • I reckon any man who can follow the C25K programme is not so much of a snowflake he can't cope with hearing about menstrual cycles!

    I took up C25K based on the slight improvement in my underlying health post menopause (which came as a pleasant surprise) but I thought I'd share that big firm control knickers (the sort I'd never have worn before) make running with a sore heavy tum more comfortable. Not *too* tight of course.

  • I will refrain from saying anything other than Ladies you have my sympathy, as a married man and father of two daughters I have some understanding of this problem

  • I always feel lethargic and don't want to do anything when I'm on my period but when I do manage to drag myself out it can help with cramps. Plus I feel even more proud of myself at the end of the run.

    The specialist 'run bra' from shock absorber is amazing if quite expensive. (The back band is too small so try a size up).

    I recommend getting a proper bra rather than getting by on painkillers. I'm not a medical professional but I've heard you can damage the tissues without proper support.

  • I fortunately don't tend to get cramps (can sympathise tho, as have friends that are forced to the couch on these days) but running is def helping my pmt, (not as short tempered or snappy with the men in my life 😂😂) a decent running bra is a must, mine is a shock absorbers as Kittentamer says go up a back suze, but try & get yourself measured, I did & then went online & got one a lot cheaper (still about £25-30) & better colour choice!!!! And as Gabby08 says more sophisticated engineering than an Audi 🤣😂🤣

    On a cramps point, have you tried Buscopan (sold over the counter in U.K. for irritable bowel syndrome) but it's a muscle relaxant so can help with cramps!

  • Great advice! Will definitely invest in a shock absorber bra and some buscopan! Thank you!

  • on the shock absorbers - check out ebay once you know your size! I got myself a nice brand sports bra new with tags at a bargainous price. Will be trying out a Shock Absorber soon.

    I also find exercise helps with cramps, and I get terribly angry before my period so wearing myself out with exercise is great - once I remember how much it helps and just go out and do it, which is admittedly tough.

  • Oh don't start me on pmt, something women have but men suffer from!!!

  • Yes, I haven't had that problem for yonks, but I still remember who bone tired I used to get the week before. Treat yourself kindly at those times, there's only so much you can do. xx

  • I have the same problem, the week before I feel lazy and lack motivation, and if I do go out it seems like a struggle, the rest of the time I'm fine, that week before though I also find myself being irritated by everyone and thinking I should be single! Sometimes it takes a while for the penny to drop before I realise why!

  • I'm heavy busted and couldn't leave the house without a Shockabsorber on, amazing bras but agree with everyone - tight around the back.

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