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2nd post grad run


What a beautiful morning. Up and out early for my second consolidation run. I’ve learnt now that my legs will scream at me for the first 2k and after that they get with the program and carry me through. A couple of months ago I wouldn’t have had the confidence or experience to know that. My running pace is pretty steady although I do tend to quicken up each k I run. If I ever get to 10k I’ll be like Bolt in the last 100m (just to clarify I know that’s not how it works 😜😂)

So my last km this morning, despite the music playing in my iPhone, I had Nina Simone going through my head......I’m feeling good!!!

Have a great weekend guys x

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Lovely to read that. Amazing how great a good run can feel.


Sounds like you had a great run 🙂. Good to remember first 2k can be difficult. I’m giving it a few days until next post grad run as I think I need to let my thigh muscle heal a bit more. Still walking 15000 steps a day but no run until Monday. Lovely being up & out early with this glorious weather. 🙂


So glad that you enjoyed your second consolidation run Clarabelle, I'll be doing that tomorrow morning and for the first time, I'll have some music with me. This morning I took a walk along Clydeside in the centre of Glasgow, there were about 25 cyclists passed me but only a few runners, as it is my rest day I did not run at all except for 1 minute when a couple, running together passed me, just for the fun of it I tried to go along with them about 25 metres behind, in fact after about 45 seconds I was actually catching up with them before I returned to walking mode when the minute was up, looking forward to tomorrows run of 30 minutes.

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