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A wall of heat takes its toll . . . .


It was my first post-grad run tonight. First run I have done without the support of Michael Jordon. Although I did miss his calm and encouraging tones, I still set out on my run in a quietly confident manner.

However, about 15 minutes (3k) in, running in 25 degree heat and with no breeze to talk of, BANG! It was like running into a wall of heat.

My breathing was fine, my pace was fine but I was just getting hotter and hotter. The sweat was running off my forehead, running down my back ( I hope this is painting a lovely picture for you), and with no wind there was nothing to cool me down. I could literally feel myself tiring by the second.

Digging deep and slowing, almost, to a walk, I kept going. I did have to remove my shirt, just to try and get some air on my skin (again not a pretty picture), but it did allow me to complete my 30 minutes even if was not able to complete the 5k.

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Blimey! Well done that man. And the weather is forecast to get even hotter next week 😳

Julian1970Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

I know Jay. Going to have to seriously consider switching to early morning runs. Not ideal as I have to get up early enough as it is. But it is just not cooling down quick enough in the evenings. It's either that or waiting until 9pm when it cools down . . .

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Julian1970

I find early much better if I can drag myself out of bed.

At least after 9pm you can eat (perhaps a bit lighter than usual) at a fairly normal time and run later.

Mustn’t complain - no idea what I’m going to do through the winter.

Julian1970Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

One this is for sure, you'll be running in the dark.

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Julian1970

I’m wondering if I can take my running gear to work and run at lunchtimes. There is a shower...somewhere 😱

Julian1970Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

Good idea if you can. Might be an idea for me, on office days at least.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jay66UK

Winter running is fun... early morning still, but dark as well :)

I run on lunch times it’s quiet nice just to get out


Well done! That’s perseverance 😅 who would have thought we’d all be hoping for a cool summer 😎

Julian1970Graduate in reply to Bridget007

Trust me Bridget, I love the warm sunny weather. But running in it . . . . . not so fun :)

I totally get that - yesterday almost finished me off - although I did keep my top on!

Today I decided that as it was cooler I would do a fast but short run - cue a second sweaty mess in two days!

No air and just no way of the sweat evaporating in such high humidity.

Also why is it that a cloudy day turns in to brilliant sunshine as soon as I step in to my running gear??

Well done to everyone out there 😀

Julian1970Graduate in reply to Penelopesimmons

Getting my top off was a bit of a last resort Penelope. But better that, than end up a sweaty puddle on the floor :D


Ooof that sounds tough! Well done for pushing through - think I'd have caved. I'll try sending you down some of our northern weather - I'm sat here in a fleecy jumper with chilly toes!

Julian1970Graduate in reply to Eiralas

How far north are you? Has summer not reached you yet? :)

EiralasGraduate in reply to Julian1970

Haha, Durham :-) We've had some hot days, just not the last few... Brr!

sallensonGraduate in reply to Eiralas

You could run around inside the Cathedral though. That would take a while... Cooler too xx

EiralasGraduate in reply to sallenson

Might get a few funny looks... Coolness not an issue right now, but will bear it in mid if it does ever warm up ;-)


Phew.... well done:) Get up early for your next run :)

Julian1970Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Might have to floss. Might do my first Park Run on Saturday, 9am start.

Dexy5Graduate in reply to Julian1970

Have fun on Parkrun Julian. You’ll love it.

Julian1970Graduate in reply to Dexy5

Hope so Dexy :)


Sounds like a great plan...enjoy:)

If you did the first 3km in 15minutes you are pretty speedy. No wonder you were so hot. :-)

Julian1970Graduate in reply to Razouski

I am aiming to do the 5k in about 25mins Razouski. Still haven't nailed it. Still working out as to whether to go off fast and slow down towards the end or start slow and finish fast. Either way I have to aim for a 5min per km average. Today I was on it, it is a fast pace but you're right, it probably did contribute today. Completed about 4.5k in 30 minutes in the end, so was well of the pace. As a point of interest, the fastest time for my local Park run is just over 16 minutes . . . . . . no chance of me ever getting near that kind of pace.

GoforitmamaGraduate in reply to Julian1970

Wow! That's fast! You are like Road Runner off the old cartoon with the coyote -. Neep Neep !!

Julian1970Graduate in reply to Goforitmama

Haha! Meep! Meep!


Blimey...sounds like hard work! Well done for getting through it 😓🤪

Julian1970Graduate in reply to Saartjie

Only just Saartjie :)

That’s sounds all too familiar - this humidity is sooooo hard! Last night almost did me in (25 mins)....

But try as I might, I can’t drag my sorry backside out of bed in the morning.... I’d much rather have the extra 45 minutes in bed. Like you tho, the consequence is running near 9pm (exactly what I did last night) again with no breeze. Conversely - we’ve had a windy day today (Bedfordshire) but I’m on my rest / day off.

Well done for gritting it out mate - it’s tough out there!

I’m wondering what to do when we go to Portugal in the summer! Don’t think there’ll be much choice apart from getting up!!


I think the late evening runs will win out Lounge. I am just an early morning person. It is supposed to be a lot cooler here (Norfolk) tomorrow, sods law it's a rest day.

Good luck and have fun in Portugal. If you are on the Atlantic coast, you might have a breeze to take the edge off. But the Algarve will be damned hot.

Well done, you did 30min running you should be proud of your self.


Nice going through the last vestiges of summer, young fellah. Luckily the nights will start to draw in now and we can start worrying about layers.

You don't half move fast when you're out tho :-) Meep meep indeed :-)

Julian1970Graduate in reply to sallenson

I can start out reasonably fast, I just can't maintain the pace much past 3k sallenson, the pace drops off quickly after that.

PS, you can keep up with the young fellah comments :D

Well done for getting through it in the heat. 😊 I certainly don’t enjoy running in it, but I love the sun and summer otherwise 🌞😎

I am in awe! I’ve only just completed W2R2 today so I’m miles behind you, but I’m already planning on doing the next coupl of weeks in the mornings.

I’m seriously loving this running lark! Mid-50’s, never done it properly before, and I wish I’d started years ago!

I too love Michael Johnson’s encouragement. I’ll miss him (but not for a few weeks yet!)


No heat down my way, well done for carrying on - sure being shirtless want that bad 😉. Happy running 🏃‍♂️


Well done for getting through it but don’t make yourself ill. I know it’s not for everyone but I run in the gym - there’s no way I can run outside in any kind of heat/sun/humidity - it would kill me. Maybe worth thinking about as an option for the hot months? Where are you anyway ?It was really cold in West Kent today! Good luck & look after yourself.


I graduated last week, when I did my first run after graduating, it was hot and I really missed Michael!! The next one I did, I went back to Michael, mainly for time checks but I do feel he’s my security blanket 😂. Although I listened to a short story on Monday and did my first mile in 7.25 minutes 😂 I usually average about 9.3 😂😂 It shocked me so much I slowed right down! Well done 😘

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