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Feeling a bit fed up


So I was doing really well got to week 7 and then found it a real struggle. I slowed my pace and had more rest days but could not complete 25 mins even though I did at end of week 6. Then had a couple rubbish weeks at work where I couldn’t get out to run or only managed once a week. Went back to week 6 last night and could not do last 5 min run felt very defeated. Not sure if it’s tiredness or the heat but at a bit of a loss now. Feel like I’ve gone from making progress to struggling big time. I’m now wondering if I need to go back to the beginning and start again. Any advice anyone?

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I’ve hit a wall with week 7, partly due to an injury, but I’ve struggled with every run. I’m taking a week off now and may repeat week 6 again. I was enjoying it up to now!

Don't worry. There's no need to restart. We all have bad runs, this may be yours - and if you've got this far without one you have done were! You've done 25 mins before and you can again. The heat and stress can play havoc with our bodies. Obviously go slowly (slower than a slow thing that is slow), try to get out when it is cooler, make sure you are properly hydrated, stop worrying about the run - take any pressure off yourself. Can you / do you change your route? Even just reversing it or running on the opposite side of the road can help. Your brain often finds familiar stopping points so take them away. If you run with the app or podcast, try using a radio programme or new playlist, or zombie runs, as you know how long you are running for now you don't need a prompt for the intervals.

You can do this

ClaraPPGraduate in reply to AnnieW55

Thanks think I’m just feeling sorry for myself. Think I need to remember 7 weeks ago I couldn’t run a minute without wanting to die 😂

Teddly22Graduate in reply to ClaraPP

That's right, 7 weeks ago 1 minute felt like torture and now you can run 25 minutes non stop! You can because you did in week 6. Keep running. You will get there🏃🐌

ClaraPPGraduate in reply to Teddly22

Thank you

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