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Feeling really fed up!


I've just come back from my W8r3 and I've failed! First time I haven't completed the run properly and I feel like a total failure. I stopped several times and in the end only did 25 minutes. I know I had a few bevvies last night, didn't have water before I ran and it's really muggy today but didn't think I would find it this hard at week 8...waahhhhhh!😫😫😫

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There will be good runs and bad runs, don’t let today deter you from getting out there again in a couple of days. You know you can do this, you’ve already come so far. Sounds like you already know the reasons it didn’t go well, the alcohol, the lack of hydration. It is incredibly humid out there, I ran wk 9, 1 this morning at 6:15 and I was like a very wet beetroot all the way, (tmi). Don’t give up. 😊

Hi, please don’t think you are a failure.....I can’t even run for 60 seconds without a struggle.....I can’t wait to be able to run for 25mins and to me you are inspirational in achieving what you have so far. You are only a few more runs short of graduation.....so put today’s run behind you and keep going because it’s people like you that keep people like me inspired in this forum. Good luck x

MissMessy in reply to Deant

Thanks Deant, I was thinking earlier that it was only a few short weeks ago that I struggled to run for 90 seconds - I can't believe that someone as unfit as me has been able to get this far, so I've decided not to be disheartened! You'll be there soon, this plan is amazing!!


Ah we all have bad runs. There were 3 reasons the run didn't go well, you said them yourself, so have a rest today and tomorrow, draw a line under this one, and prepare to smash it next time!!! You can do this 😃


You still ran for 25 minutes! I bet you couldn't do that a few weeks ago! You know why it wasn't possible to do 28 mins.. ? These long runs are hard and the humidity is horrid! I think the preparation is really important for the longer runs. I did wk 9 run 1 last night. Well hydrated and it was good. On Sunday I was not well hydrated and every step was heavy!

MissMessy in reply to Ang33333

You're quite right, if you'd told me 2 months ago that I would be running for 25 minutes I'd just laugh! It's very encouraging to hear about other people's struggles, I don't feel like I'm on my own!


Arrr, you poor thing. There, there. It will be alright. Come here and have a virtual hug.

Now what on Earth could have happened? Running dehydrated with a hangover couldn’t be it, could it?

Now stop feeling sorry for yourself and do it properly next time! 😆

Well done for managing 25 mins!

MissMessy in reply to _SimonT_


We all have bad runs, don't stress it. You already know why. Enjoy your rest day and get back on it. You got this!!!


ONLY 25 minutes?! Bet you didn’t think you’d be saying that 8 weeks ago! I graduated two weeks ago and had the worst run ever yesterday like I was trudging through treacle with concrete boots on! You did not .... we aren’t allowed to say the f word on here ... you just didn’t quite get the last 3 minutes! Just 180 little seconds! Next time you’ll smash it 😃

Try not to see negatives because there aren't any that I can see! You got out there and gave it a go, you're a winner in my eyes 🏅

Thanks you guys I'm feeling a lot better about it now - you lot are better than councillors! I remembered how fab I felt on week 5 run 3(remember that one?!) and realised I've really come a long way. I'll redo the run on a couple of days, hopefully it won't be so hot and I will make sure I'm hydrated! Good luck on your running journeys everyone 🏃


We've all done it Messy me more than others, it's a good lesson to learn, your so close now to graduating. Don't run the day after a few bevvies if you can help it you know the reasons why. Have plenty of water every day and particularly before run day. You've got it out of your system so now go on and smash it in your final week. Keep at it.


Ditto what everyone else is saying. AND - you are not allowed to use the "F" word on here Oldfloss will be after you. You only fail (ooops - just said it) by not trying in the first place. You still ran for 25 minutes- dehydrated & hungover so give yourself a pat on the back! Draw a line under it & get back out there you will totally smash it next time.

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