A wee bit fed up

Oh dear. I'm sorry I feel a whinge coming on.

I am delighted to have completed C25K and really, really want to keep going, and to improve, and to find it easier/more fun. One of the reasons I suddenly started C25K back in July is because I had shingles in June, spending three weeks hardly moving; at the same time I developed really sore shoulders- frozen shoulder as it turns out. I couldn't swim, I couldn't cycle and my old dogs don't want the sort of walks we used to do.

So back to the running then. NOW, at the same time as my dog having heart failure!, mynplantar fasciitis has become sooooo painful in my left foot that I was limping on my run this evening and then my right hip was sore from that. I had to stop after 20 minutes, it was almost as though I had forgotten how to run, couldn't land well as I was trying to avoid exacerbating the pain in my foot. ARGH I am fuming and feeling really low.

I know I should be grateful for my wonderful body exactly as it is but I have to say I am feeling very low. I'm not sure what it will be like next time I try to run and that's making me nervous.

I don't want to lose fitness or my ability to run!!! Miracle cure for plantar fasciitis required!!!


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  • Ooh Rainshine poor you, you do sound down. Have you had PF before or has it just emerged? It sounds as if you need to see a sports physio to get some treatment. I've not had it but I know lots of people here have so hopefully someone will be along to give you advice. In the meantime, have a look at this article as it might be useful.


    Take heart that most of us have had aches and pains and injuries that have stopped us running but after the right treatment and a little rest were good to run again. I hope you get it sorted soon.

  • Thanks so much IP- it's such a pest because I have enough self doubt to sink a battleship to begin with, without such discomfort getting in the way and I really don't want to be spreading imbalance upwards... Interesting article, thank you!- and thank you for the support πŸ˜€

  • I have a Plantar Fasciitis problem too. It's difficult to conceive how you'll be able to run when you can barely walk. A good friend of mine who's an Orthotist advised on specialist insoles. My goodness, they're marvellous. Before I run, I remove the insoles of my trainers and place these specialist insoles in, then I put the trainer insoles on top. The brand I've got is Talar Made. See this link: talarmade.com/category/122-...

    Don't worry, I'm not on commission!!! They work for me. I put them in my work shoes and even my slippers!

    Best of luck, and keep going!

  • Oh Monners thank you so much! I was just reading the article Irishprincess sent a link to and it ends with saying if you've got PF you'll try anything, or words to that effect- I will check this and get insoles as fast as possible! It started when I was two stone heavier than I am now, and I've been fine with running on it- it's much worse when I don't move!- until now...

    Thanks again πŸ˜€

  • You're welcome. If there's a stockist near you, they may advise further. My Orthotist friend recently identified that, not unusually, one leg was longer than the other. She then ordered another thing to put in my shoe to make up the difference. That's another ache gone.

  • Do you still have PF and how long have you had it?!

  • Yes. I developed it a year or so ago. I saw my GP who confirmed what my friend said. There are stretching exercises too as well as the insoles. I then forgot all about it as it went without me noticing! However, during C25k, I bought some poor quality trainers and when I went outside for the first time, I must have injured the Plantar Fascia again. It's still painful in the morning but once I get running I'm fine. I did a PB tonight!

  • Wonderful- well done πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ½

  • Er- which ones do you have?!

  • Oh dear, so sorry to hear about your PF. It will probably need treatment to get it sorted. I hope the insoles work!

  • Hi Rainshine

    Have you tried rolling a tennis ball under your foot? I've not had any significant problems with PF but whenever I get a bit of soreness this is what I do and I believe it is a good stretch for those with PF.

    Hope it settles soon.

  • probably a bit late and i am in scotland were things are a bit different but, i had PF. I went to a NHS physio who gave me some exercises, which i had to do religiously. I also found that my work boots (which went up the ankle instead of being 'shoe style') exacerbated the problem by irritating my achilles tendon.

    When addressing both problems the PF got much better, disappeared eventually.

  • Hi Rainshine,

    I've had a little bit of PF flaring up recently, and *touch wood* I'm managing to just about keep it at bay so far.

    I would recommend going to visit a physio, I had a session a few weeks ago and it cost me Β£35 but it is money well spent. I had a glorious sports massage on my foot and calf (and back but that's a separate issue!) And it made a big difference.

    It's all caused from tight calf muscles I think, so since then I've been stretching my calf off the edge of a step every time I go up a staircase which must be about 6 times a day at least here at work! No-one has caught me in the act (yet) :D and I think it's really helping me.

    Also - I bought a foam roller at the weekend which I've been using on my calves every day. I think that's making a big difference too!

    I've not tried this yet but rolling a small frozen bottle of water under the affected foot is supposed to work wonders too.

    Good luck and hope it feels better soon! xx

  • I had PF from an injury before I was a runner.

    The physio gave me two primary exercises: tightening and holding the muscles in the foot to raise your instep (without curling the toes under) and lowering your weight from a step, supported on the ball of your foot. I did those for a few weeks and it made a massive difference.

    Good luck!


  • Hi Rainshine, oh I am so sorry to read this . You have been through the mill so much lately haven't you , big hugs ((( )))

    Both me and my sister used to have this, always worst first thing on a morning or when we had been sat down for a bit. I used to remember getting out of bed and clinging onto anything just so I could walk out of the bedroom. Then it would ease for a little bit then come back with a vengeance at some point later on in the day. The pain varied according to what shoes I wore. Ballet style pumps/shoes and flat shoes were a complete no no.

    I used to roll my feet on a rolling pin and a tennis ball , but then one day it just disappeared . I might get an occasional twinge in my foot now and again but that's it .

    I really hope you find something that helps you as it is sooo painful

    Good Luck xxx

  • You are all sooo lovely. Thank you so much! I woke this morning feeling a bit ashamed to have whinged about something so minor when I am so lucky to have a body which is still relatively healthy and able. Plantar has receded a bit today and I came up with the idea of going to a swimming pool and running up and down it- well it cheered me up although I am not sure how long I could keep it up!- also perhaps a go on a cross trainer?! Again, it's that repetitive gym thing. Oh, and looking daft. I have spent much of the day with my doggle Alfie at a specialist vet having his heart failure investigated so haven't had the time to get on with sorting out equipment for exercises and taking control of this dratted condition but it is incredibly uplifting to hear from you kind hearted supportive people- thank you again!...

    So much to be grateful for :)

  • I had PF a few years ago and one of the important things I found was not to put my foot flat on the floor as I woke up. Get some slip-ons with a bit of a heel and keep them by your bed. The PF starts to heal overnight but it tears again if you walk straight away bare-footed or in flats. So walk in heeled shoes until your feet have had time to warm up and stretch. Also get a golf ball and roll your foot over it while you watch tv etc, it stretches and strengthens the relevant tissues. :-)

  • Hi I don't know if this helps but when I had severe PF they recommended rolling the soles of my feet on frozen golf balls - I tried - it hurt - difficult to keep doing. What did work for me in the end and haven't really suffered was stretching out my calf muscles regularly. There's a simple test to see if this is your problem. Stand both feet flat on an incline - a hardback book propped on some phone books or similar works well. About an angle of 35-45. You should be able to stand up straight from your heels - if you're leaning forward to compensate then that's no good or if when you stand up with straight back and legs you fall backwards then this is your problem. The solution is then to simple stretch your calves by standing on an incline. Start with an angle where you can stand up straight and gradually build up to 45 degrees. I use one of the those angled foot-rests you see in offices and stand on it for a min or two twice a day. It's honestly banished my PF. Once my calves are sorted I stop doing it then the problem creeps back and I go right back to stretching regularly. If it's not your calves then you can always try the frozen golf ball thing. Hope it helps!

  • I should add as someone said above I use steps all the time to stretch my calves. When I cycle to and from work I use the pedals of my bike to stretch out my calves by holding my foot on the pedal and pushing my ankle lower down at traffic lights. Also on the escalator on the tube when I'm going up I always stand with my ankles hanging over the edge to stretch them out. I just work in stretching calves everywhere I can and both my knee pain and PF have gone away :) This was all pre C25K (I'm now training for a 10K) and I've still had no PF.

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