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On Week 6 and Feeling a Bit Fed Up!


Hey everyone! Well I am now onto week 6 and although I am managing each run, I'm getting more and more tired and fed up. I know it was hard in the beginning - probably harder in many ways than it is now - but I find each run so tiring! It's making me feel more tired and hungry throughout the day now. Although I know I can do it, I am not looking forward to tomorrow's run 3 (25 mins straight) and then only long runs from here on out! Seems like much more of a chore now. Not really sure what I am asking but do you have any tips to overcome this?

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Are you eating something half an hour before you run? And drinking too? Apart from that, I can only repeat what I did, which is tiny steps, really slow, and plodding on. It's paid off as today (end of week 9) I have absolutely amazed myself by running for 40 mins, and when i checked the pedometer map afterwards it said 5.2k. I never would have expected to be able to do that. Didn't use the podcast today, just my watch and some different music. Maybe you could do the same, if you're finding it a chore, try different music or even spoken word? I had Bill Bryson's Thunderbolt Kid the other day, made me laugh out loud sometimes, which probably looked odd!

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week 6 is a cahllenge as the times go up but you CAN do it

Just get into a good rythym not too fast it is not a race and watch the world go by as you run or in my case jog

and dont forget to listen carefully to Laura and do what she says

Finally make sure you strech all your legs muscles for 5 to ten minutes at the end


Hi Ruth, I considered writing a post and would have said exactly what you have - it feels like such a chore and my legs feel so heavy after the 2 runs of week 6. Like you I have the 25 min run tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it; neither am I looking forward the coming weeks and all those long runs! I enjoy my little walks to catch my breath and give myself a good talking to! Lets hope that run 3 leaves us feeling more positive! Good luck :)


I think a lot of us have been here before, myself included. You are running further and harder now, so it is a lot more demanding.

Annasee is right, you may need to load up on some 'fuel' before you go, and certainly hydrate. (I think I read somewhere that dehydration increases the lactic acid development in muscles, and gives that heavy feeling - may have got that all wrong, IT nerd not doctor). Food will definitely help though, a banana is a good option, not too fatty, and loads of slow release energy. You will need to eat it 30 mins or so before you go.

Another tip is a new route. Sounds silly as the distance and time are the same. But a change is really as good as a rest. When I get in a running rut I treat myself to a run at a different country park, with tea and toast to follow. Gets the spirits up :-)

Chin up, and don't give up you have achieved so much, and you will get through it. :-)

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I love the idea of a treat run - new location and tea and toast to follow. I might try that myself when struggling.

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Works for me, but I have to run laps, so pass the tea shop twice on my run. Got to stay focussed :-)


It's was daunting for me too when I came to the end of those reassuring intervals and knew that I just had many long runs ahead of me. But gradually I came to like them because I got such a sense of achievement from running 25 minutes, then a couple more minutes, then a couple more. As well as what the others have said, make yourself a nice playlist of pick-me-up music and try to enjoy it. I remember my 25 minute playlist had only 7 songs on it, which sounded shorter than thinking about the time somehow. Good luck! :-)


I've just done 6:1 tonight and know exactly what you're feeling. I finished thinking "is that it?" but then I looked at my phone GPS and saw just how far I've come in 7 weeks (took a week off!) and that's changed my perspective a lot. I'm going to make sure I eat and drink muuuch more though before doing 6:2 as I ache like an achy thing right now and I'm starving - running on a cup-a-soup for lunch isn't the best idea! And for 6:3 and beyond, I've got to set myself a playlist as I don't think I can cope for too much longer with Laura's music :)

We can and will do this! Happy Running! :)


Thanks everyone, some good suggestions here. I don't eat before I run but that's because I go out as soon as I wake up and then eat breakfast when I get back. But soon it'll be dark in the morning and I won't be going out as early, so I'll see if eating first changes things. I also like the idea of a new route. And yes the music is getting rather annoying lol!!

It's so weird, it's like maybe I was building up to that 20 mins at the end of week 5 - felt so good at completing it that maybe I've lost the drive a bit now. But I WILL go out for my 25 min run tomorrow!!


OK so did my 25 min run today but still fed up at the prospect of doing this 3 times next week! I had a porridge and a beetroot juice after my run today to see if it'll give me more energy than my normal breakfast!


I think my only advice can be the same as Nerdio. Vary your route to try to run somewhere more interesting/pretty/challenging perhaps. When I first started I was running laps round a playing field but when I got to W6R3 I knew I couldn't keep doing it cos I was bored stiff. So off I went. Got lost a couple of times, but actually that helped take my mind of the time. How people manage to do this programme on a treadmill is absolutely beyond me. Ultimately I feel that the whole point of running is to get out and run somewhere nice. But that's just me perhaps.


I agree about running outside! I have done it on the treadmill once and it was so different. Where I run is nice but I think varying the route is a very good idea. I usually can't be bothered as I have to climb 125 steps to get to another route (yes I counted them as I grudgingly climb them often lol!) but that would make a good warmup for me ;)

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