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Feeling a bit fed up!

Hello! I completed week 6run 1 last night and found it really, really hard. I completed the 20 minute run of week 5 twice, it was hard as well. I run really slowly and feel very heavy on my feet.

I am still struggling with sore shins, when I was on holiday in the last 2 weeks, I was running on soft forest ground and country tracks, and my legs were ok and I was hoping the problem had resolved, but now I am back to town, I am wondering if it is the pavements that are to blame, although last night I tried to run as much as possible on grass. I suppose I am feeling a bit disheartened as I am also planning to run a marathon relay with work in October and I don't want to have to pull out, and you can't transfer places.

Has anyone tried insoles for running?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi, I suffered a lot with shinsplints early on, but changed my shoes. It sounds like it's the surface you're running on and maybe your legs getting used to running? I've got high arches so had to get cushioned shoes and my ankles roll in slightly so they needed correcting(under pronating)

I was recommended these, but she said i don't have to use them religiously, I think they helped or it could be the trainers, but I leave them in anyway.

Hope this all helps, good luck :)



I've not tried insoles but there are some runners in here that have made favorable comments about them you would need to make sure you have enough room in your running shoes for them though. Lidl's had gel insoles last week for sale and don't think they were too expensive.


I had sore shins when I first started C25k. I got some new trainers and some gel insoles (which replaced the insoles already in my trainers) and I also got some gel heel supports. Not had a problem since! :)


Interesting point you made about replacing your insoles, my hubby bought the gel insoles for walking (only he's not a runner) and they made his feet very hot once he had been walking for a long time, he then put them under the original insoles which were much better. A different pair of trainers were not roomy enough to do this though.

Do you find the gel insoles make your feet very hot too?


I haven't noticed my feet getting hot - they just feel very comfy


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