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W9R1 - hmmmm jinxed by that @sallenson fellow...


Horrible run, horrible weather, horribly slow speed, horrible legs.....

After feeling so pleased with myself managing 3 runs in Spain and 1 on the mean streets of edinburgh - I come home to where it’s been ‘easy’ and had a truly joyless experience. Even some over the top Wagner didn’t help!

20 minutes before I wasn’t breathing like a heart attack candidate....

Legs like jelly

Oh well - it’s the first really bad one, so I guess I need to just chalk it to experience.... fingers crossed for r2

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But you still did it so well done! 😃

Katwpg in reply to Bridget007

Thanks you!


some are bad, some are good, I hope your next run will be good.

Katwpg in reply to AlMorr

Fingers crossed


That’s you, Stephen and Welshwitch all having a dud on the same run. It’s becoming a bit of a jinx. I’m doing that on Tuesday. Gulp!

Well done anyway. You are still an absolute hero and disaster conquering queen!

How are your boys getting on? Any nearer home?

Hiya! The boaty mcboat boys (name of the whatsapp group 😂😂) arrived in Portimao this afternoon - they have a long way go to get to the west coast of Scotland!! I may be on 10k by then 😄😁

_SimonT_Graduate in reply to Katwpg

Oh my goodness! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t just look that up on Google! Will they be home in time for Christmas? 🎅🏻🎄

Katwpg in reply to _SimonT_

I’m assuming nothing 😂😂😂 they have some great conditions over the next few days so will put 250 miles on...but Biscay is the bugger (affectionately known by seafarers as the bay of broken biscuits!)


I'm doing my w9r2 tomorrow......come on we can do it!!!!!!!!!!! :D


It’s easier than you think and soo do-able. Hydrate as much as possible the day before, rest well, don’t get enthusiastic before the run and eat too much (some water, boiled egg or humble banana will see you through), then go and run slower than before. As in leisurely slow. As in ‘I don’t care slow’.

Mate, you will cruise through with no effort. You’ll cross that line smug. ;)

sallensonGraduate in reply to mrrun

If we don't we know where you live :-)


Oh no! I'm now officially the bearer of a jinx!! I'm sorry!! I should have said how marvellously easy mine was...

I was going to R2 this morning, but an unforeseen work crisis has me up to my ears today, so I'll have a go this evening.

Let's just take it really slowly okay? I want us both beaming with contentment as we head towards that podium.

Ever slow, ever happy xxx

Katwpg in reply to sallenson

Haha - I think that’s an excellent idea - we shall cross the line hand in hand with cheesy music in the background

So long as I don’t go so slow they think Maggie Smith appropriate to play me in the film..... 😄😄😘

Depressing run but you stuck with it and slayed it! Well done!

The occasional bad run is character building in my opinion - developing determination and stamina to push on.

Two runs to graduation!!!! Take things slow and steady - you can do this x x

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