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Week 6 Run 1 - woah there!


I had read a lot of posts about how W6R1 would take you round the back of the bike sheds and give you a good kick in so I mentally prepared myself and also stuck a hardback book down my running shorts just in case but wow it still acted like Gripper Stebson (sorry those reading from anywhere apart from the UK and also those who didn’t grow up in the 70’s and 80’s).

I was royally wedgied by this run and every minute was an assault on my mental and physical being.


I did it and if this was the hardest run of the week then bring it on!

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You are not going to be pushed around by anyone........

Well done.

I have just done w6r1 this morning and felt exactly the same! By far the hardest run I’ve done so far but that just made the relief and pride at completing it all the sweeter I think


Sounds like you bested it Ray. Good man. Wedgie or not.

R2 needs a similar piece of mental fortitude and body armour.

Then it's all sunshine and smiles :-)

Well done ray


Well done! Great imagery - I was right back at school trying to get home in time to see GH. Enjoy the next one.



Atta boy!! You've got this 😉

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