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Still going! W8R2


I haven’t posted in a while, probably as I haven’t had anything particularly interesting to say. Not that I do today, but felt like checking in and saying I’m still following the programme and still very much an advocate for the whole thing! I’ve got a 16 week old baby and was never a fitness person, and can’t quite believe I’ve just returned from a 28 minute run which (according to Runkeeper) was my longest ever (in terms of distance).

I really enjoy the feeling of pride I get from each achievement, and I hope my fitness has improved. My weight has dropped just a little, I’m hoping if I keep up the runs it’ll come down steadily (NHS app still has me as obese, which seems a bit harsh but sure they know their stuff!)

All in all, I’m content, and encourage all new starters to stick with it.

Good luck to all, whatever stage you’re at!

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Well done!


Well done Lilipolpo 🏃‍♀️ can't believe you're out there running and you have a 16 week old ... you must be so motivated, amazing 👊


Well done! 28 minutes and a new baby! How do they know if you’re obese or not ... you could be solid muscle and that weighs more ☺️


Great to hear from you Super Mama.... doing just fine:) x

You will see and feel the benefits as you carry on... relax, enjoy and be kind to yourself too... you are your best asset... and Baba's too ... and what you have to say is interesting... and so motivational for folk who feel they cannot do this :)


Well Done Lilipolpo! What matters is you're doing something very positive to improve your health. They can try to box you if they like, it's more important how you feel. Small positive steps is all it takes. Sending positive vibes and can I say, your post may seem like you haven't much to say to you, but to us it's great to watch your steady progress towards that finish line. Best of luck with all your runs! X


Well done lilipolpo ...Omg what an achievement 16 week old baby. .(.Congratulations on your new arrival ) and managing 28 min run ..I take my hat off to you ...Good on you 😊😊

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