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Finally finished after 4 months


I have now finally finished the C25K week 9 run 3 in just over 4 months from start to now finish, I think I completed week1 at least 3 times had issues with the weather or rather my head as i didn't want to go out. Which has resulted in me taking longer than most, but after week 5 and the 20min run I had a change of mind. This change of mind was I started to enjoy running and now have graduated. Not quite 5k in the 30 mins but 4.5k so tomorrow will be my first day on my own with out Jo being in my ear and my aim is to hit that 5k.

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Well done. W5R3 worked its magic on me as well. Enjoy all of the running to come!


Well Done Teddy021. Don't forget to collect that shiney new badge! 👍🎓👟🍾


Better late than never, congratulations, you can never depend on the weather, you deserve that shiney new badge

That is brilliant, well done for persevering! 4.5k in the 30 minutes is fantastic too. 🎉🍾🥂

Whoop whoop 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

Congratulations Teddy 😊. Well done for completing the program and Graduating...

Good luck getting to that 5k mark too, you will with a few extra minutes running. Don't forget to still have a rest day ( non-running) between your runs..

Go get your well deserved Graduate badge by asking here...

Happy running and keep posting Graduate 😊x

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