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Finally I've finished week 6!

I think I must have the world record for staying at week 6, but today I managed to finish run 3. Thanks to Greenlegs and the advice about slowing down! At one point I think I was almost running on the spot, but I kept on going. It really is a mental challenge, I think I could have done this weeks ago but I just kept giving in when it got tough. So pleased with myself for doing this, I was beginning to think that I had reached my peak at 10 minutes of running. Looking forward to week 7 now, please tell me it gets easier because this run was tough! Does the music change in week 7? I've spent so long at week 6 I think I know all the songs by heart, even find myself singing them - which is not good!

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Well done on working so hard- so true that if at first you don't succeed... Well done you x


If you can do this one, you CAN do the rest! As you say, it's mostly in the mind, your legs can do it. :) Glad the slow and steady helped. :)

I think the music is different, but must admit to not using it for most of the continuous runs - I found I preferred just timing it and focusing on what I could see and hear around me, but I know that doesn't suit everyone. Lots of people seem to use their own music too.

You are close to graduation now - keep on going! :)


Thanks Greenlegs. I'm beginning to believe that I can achieve this!


I've been there stuck on a week. With me it was week 4 and I gave up the first time so really well done on sticking at it.

No it doesn't get any easier - but having come this far I'm sure you know that but if you're determined to push yourself you can do it.

I just graduated after only repeating 3 runs - and this from the girl who couldn't run 5 minutes in November. The only thing that changed second time around was my determination.

Whilst weeks 7-9 were not easy I am finding I get into 'the zone' somewhere around the 10 minute mark now where I feel comfortable

Well done and good luck x


Well done - good luck with the rest. Now you have broken a mental barrier there's no stopping you :)


Thanks so much for this post! i Came on here this morning looking for someone who has finished week six, because i am really doubting if i can, i did run two and really struggled with the two ten minutes, today is run three and im really nervous, so i thought go on the forums and get some motivation from someone who says it can be done and saw your post which has really helped, going out about three o clock to give it a go...


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