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Repeat run and When to stretch


Hi I repeated wk 4 run 3 today as I felt I really struggled during run 2 at parkrun.

I started the first 3 mins far to fast and was struggling to breath even tho I was going slow. Any suggestion how to start off slow as it feels unnatural and very forced when I try to run slow. I did manage to finished all the runs but not sure how I will manage next week's 20 min run. Also when should I stretch as as my run I generally go straight into a 10 to 15k walk. Today I did 26k about 4k was the run n rest was walking.

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Watch this youtube video

Interesting vid!


The guide to the plan will answer many of your questions.

Your pace needs to be an easy conversational pace, at which you can talk clearly without gasping.

I stretch when I get home after a run, or straight away after parkrun, for instance. You need to do it while muscles are still warm, supple and pliable.

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