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Ladies or unsqueamish gents only...


After starting c25k 4 weeks ago, I thought I would have to abandon the plan very quickly. The birth of my daughter 13 years ago had left me with rather a weak bladder despite many pf exercises. However, I trotted off to the shops and, making sure the coast was clear, purchased a pack of pads. After a couple of weeks of heavy reliance on these, I started to notice that I needed them less and less. In fact, now coming towards the end of week 4, I don't seem to need them at all. This is an unexpected and welcome bonus. Hurrah!! Midwives and Health Visitors - prescribe c25k 😊

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That is really a fabulous (and unexpected) result. You must be very happy :)

PS. why do we do this having babies thing?

HSta in reply to helenwheels

Who knows! 😊

Ah you’re making me scared to have a baby now! Not that I’m planning on doing so any time soon but ya know!

Nooo. I have had loads of babies and they are all marvellous, beautiful human beings 💗

Ha I don’t doubt that but what’s it gonna do to me?! 😂😂

HSta in reply to Sortyourlife

Don't be. They're worth it 😊

Gran4zGraduate in reply to Sortyourlife

Not every mum ends up with a weak bladder so don't stress, and now you know what to do anyway - keep on running😂

Sortyourlife in reply to Gran4z

Haha not stressing and clearly! 😂


I’ve found the same thing - must be tightening up all sorts of muscles!


That's absolutely fantastic news you must be delighted and yes midwives, gynaecologists sit up and take note!


Fabulous- I’m delighted for you! 😀


That's brilliant and well done for starting this even though you knew you had this problem!

I too have had a good side effect, I had a really painful left hip, but after a couple of runs it totally disappeared! Who know what else is to be gained 😀


My bunions are getting better. Or to be precise I've regained mobility and flexibility in both my big toes. I run (and walk) with special toe spacers which I've been using for a couple of years on and off. (They correct foot alignment so the muscles start to pull everything back into place).The difference since I started running is very noticeable. Three years ago I could barely walk and the left big toe was so painful, I had to have a steroid injection and all I had to look forward to was a lifetime of orthopaedic shoes and surgery. Somewhere in my NHS notes it'll say "very little movement". Not any more.

Now I come to think about it, perhaps I'm not quite as leaky either... having twins wrecked my body, I've never recovered fully.

Tjar in reply to Rossinyol

Interested in what type of toe spacers these are? Might need them in the future, as I see my toes leaning towards bunion-ism.

RossinyolGraduate in reply to Tjar

They’re called CorrectToes and they were invented for runners. They’re not cheap and you have to wear wide toe box shoes to fit them in. But they work! They aren’t well known in the UK but if you have a google you’ll find a couple of suppliers. They’re a US invention.

Hey that’s brilliant!!! I would never have thought of that particular benefit. Excellent knowledge to keep in mind for future child bearing. Thank you! X

Firstly, very well done for getting to the end of week 4 and glad to hear you’re finding it’s really helped your bladder as well as all the other marvellous benefits !!

I put my hand up as I’m proud to be in these professions and you’re absolutely right, exercise is proven to have positive effects for the antenatal and postnatal period not just for physical health but certainly for mental health too-lots of posts on this forum that show this ! We do signpost our patients and clients to the NHS apps etc but yes i do agree personal stories such as yours are often more encouraging and inspiring so thank you for sharing as hopefully other medical colleagues across the UK are taking note too!!

I’ll keep prescribing this amazing programme too ..... keep running! 🏃‍♀️


That’s great news for those who suffer from the same complaint and well done you for starting c25k and for raising this issue.

One thing I learnt this week is always go to the loo before your run even if you don’t think you need to. My run followed a Pilates class and I’d drunk a lot of water during it as the room was so warm. I then had 30 mins of running, not a good feeling...but I didn’t want to stop the run. No nasty accidents you’ll be glad to know

I know what you mean... when I started running longer runs I was struggling with leakage but now I can run for over an hour without a problem (although I do limit fluid intake directly before a run and always have a final 🚽 visit before heading out the door 🚪😂)

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