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Knee Problems and only on W1


5 yrs ago I started a Diet then thought I would have a go at Couch to 5K, (Treadmill) I lost 2st 3lb but it took nearly a year, I did each week 2 times before moving to the next, I used the Exercise Machines at the Gym as well, but I started with Knee problems and it was so bad I had to walk with Crutches for a few weeks, anyhow I got over it and carried on, but then I stopped and piled on the weight again plus an extra 5lb so on 4th Sept last year enough was enough and I started a diet again, I reduced my Cals to 1400 or less a day and since then I have lost 1st 11lb, 2 weeks ago I started C25K again and now my knee has packed up again already, on Weds night I went on the Treadmill at level 4, and 5.5 Speed to just fast walk and I only managed about 45mins but had to give up because my right knee was so painful, my left is a bit niggly but I can deal with that, it's my right knee that is the worse, I went immediately to the Doctors who has given me 500mg dose of Anti-Inflammatory Tablets, missed tonight's Gym but hoping to start again on Sunday, I am not finding it as easy as last time it is harder to get going and I struggle as my muscles ache more, will it get easier and will my knee settle so I can run again, has anyone else struggled with these problems

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Very well done on your weight loss.

It is not supposed to hurt like that and you should discontinue your running until you get it sorted. An injury can so easily be worsened and then you will be spending a long time on the injury couch.

Right now I suggest you RICE your knee - rest, ice, compress and elevate - and then next week find yourself a good (sports) physiotherapist who can find out what is causing the problem. It seems your doctor is only treating the symptoms.

Don't stop training. Cycling, swimming and other types of training can still be done without straining your knees.

You have done really well. Don't let this knee thing be an excuse to start eating the wrong things again. Focus on the things you can still do and keep posting here if you need encouragement!

The reason why people might not be responding as much to your post today is that the site is being spammed at the moment. Try again tomorrow :-)


Hi there... so sorry about your knee :(

Are you following C25K from the start again ? Just wondered, if you are, why you were running/walking for 45 minutes... ?

I don't have any experience of treadmills.. just the great outdoors... so cannot really comment... but the first week is very slow and steady, as the rest of the programmes is :)

I expect you have this link to the week by week?

Any chance of an outdoor gentle start? :)

francesanna in reply to Oldfloss

Hi, I only did 45mins of walking because I can't run at the moment so I tried to stay on the Treadmill for an hour and do brisk walking to make up for that but I couldn't even manage the hour, I will try the brisk walking again tomorrow but at the moment running is not an option

OldflossAdministrator in reply to francesanna

Oh you..oh dear..hope it sorts😏

Hi Francesanna,

Sometimes knee pain can be down to wearing the wrong type of running shoe. Have you tried gait analysis. Go to a proper running shop and they will pop you on a treadmill and record your foot motion to see if you are wearing the correct type of running shoe.

Some people require more cushioning in certain places. Running is an impact sport.

Keep trying to get is sorted though its a great program. Run very slowly and steady as Oldfloss suggests.

Good luck.😊


Hi there - I've managed to lose about 2.5 stone it's taken 2 years- slow is better for skin! I've been 'stuck' now for 3 or 4 months at least. Got a bit disheartened but am having another re-set. I wanted to run and do the C25K but my knees are also very unwilling. I had to abandon that (for now at least). The advice on RICE, good physio etc is the way I go when they get bad. I also do not do things that will cause pressure (jumping, aggressive lunges and squats). Years ago I did a half marathon with poor training and I think that is the cause of my knee and hip problems. Pain in your body is telling you something! Listen to it.


I think Iben gives good advice. Try to see a sports physio and get them to give you strengthening exercises to do. Also they may know if your shoes are adequate. I think you need professional advice before you continue running but swimming would help you keep up your fitness. Hope you get it sorted.

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