All or Nothing

Just wanted to say hi to the community as it is my first time posting.

I am a 33 year old male who 2.5 weeks ago weighed 21st 2 lbs. That is when i decided enough is enough. I stopped smoking, decided to give up the booze for one month, started dieting, and started the C25K.

So far i have lost 11lbs, haven't looked at a cigarette, had i small sample of Irish creme liquor in John Lewis after a brain fart, and am about to go on W3R2 in 1 hour.

Am i insane?


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17 Replies

  • Maybe, but commendably so :-) those are a few big changes at once, so the odd slippage may happen. But I can tell from the tone of your message that you have some determination and grit in you. It's a hard time of year what with Christmas coming up, but enjoy the rain and the wind when you're out- I quite often feel like howling after a good accomplished run!

    Keep the faith, you've chosen the only addiction that's good for you and the healthy eating will really benefit your running too- or at least that's what I'm finding :-)

    Welcome to the forum, and good luck- but I think you won't need it :-)

  • Not at all, well no more than the rest of us!!

    Well done - you have shown real determination just to get this far and make the changes that you have. Keep posting, you will find us all here rooting for you when you need us!

  • Insane? No way, more like inspired! Running is totally amazing. I graduated 8 weeks ago and before C25K, didn't even run for the bus! Always used to afmire runners but never thought it would be me! Just nice and slow and steady on ur runs - no extra points for fast - and rest days are just as important as run days! Keep us updated, love hearing posts about people's runs!

  • WOW!

  • That's a lot to take on in one go! But you sound like you're well on track - week 3 and 11lb down!! That's brilliant. Keep on going.

  • Insane? far from it. Sounds like some very sane, rational changes to make. Keep up the good work!

  • No, your not insane, you will reap the benefit's as you lose the weight & become fitter. I personally know that 1st hand..

    My nephew 41 @ 6ft 8" and 23st is well overweight & recently diagnosed with type2 diabetes, don't go there! His mum is annoyed with him and quietly so am I..😠

    I've tried to get him on c25k, but says he will just use tablets, WRONG!

    So, this is an excellent chance for you to sort things out.. This forum can give you all the help & advice you need to go through the plan successfully, good luck 😉

  • Wow, thats amazing , Well done !

    You have made some fantastic life changing decisions there and this programme is the dogs wotsits :-)

    Good Luck to you and keep posting on here as we would love to read how youre progressing xxx

  • Sounds like you're making some fantastic choices. Good luck with the programme and keep posting on here for support ☺

  • Insanity is taking your body for granted. What you are doing here is very sane indeed!

    Sounds like you have the determination you need to take on all of those major changes in one go - good on you! You would feel masses better for any one of those things but if you can quit smoking, cut down booze, lose some weight _and_ take up running, the benefits will be amazing!

    Good work getting to W3 - you'll soon see your fitness really start to pick up.

    Keep us posted on how it goes - and Happy Running!


  • Deeply sane, I reckon, and it sounds like you're doing brilliantly. Running is transformative, I think (to minds as well as bodies). Keep it up.

    And yes, Xmas might be tricky for diet/booze/fags, but I ran along the coast near my parents-in-law's last year and it was a blissful but of quiet time in all the festive madness, plus I had the beach entirely to myself because nobody was about.

  • Go you! You sound like you are doing amazingly well and you will continue to reap the benefits. 3 years ago I lost 3.5 stone in 9 months just by calorie counting but I have never been a fan of exercise, however, I turned 50 this summer and realised that I was very unfit and began C25K in September. Despite some struggles along the way I graduated last weekend and am now surprised to find myself running 3 times a week. This forum is fabulous for support so be sure to use us when you need us. Keep up the good work and well done for what you have achieved so far.

  • Well bloody done, and esp on the 11lb loss. Thats amazing. Keep up the good work.

  • Wow!

    Thanks for all the support and positive reassurance guys :). I know its gunna be a struggle but i'm really dedicated.

    Really enjoyed my run last night. Even put in an extra 2.5mins on the last stint :).

    Next 2 weeks will be the hardest as i working on a windfarm on 12hr days and staying in a hotel. So food and booze will be very tempting, as well as the fear of running in a strange place, but i will let you know how i get on.

    Thanks again guys


  • Well done for all the life style changes.

    And not insane, motivated :-)

  • Wow you're amazing, well done. I thought I was daft to start this at 61 but no one in the community seems to think so.

    Keep going you sound like you are doing really well.

  • Fantastic, stick with it and good luck!

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