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9 weeks more or less?

Hi i was just wondering how many weeks people have taken to complete C25K? I know the program says it takes 9 weeks but have most of you had to repeat the odd day, or have you completed in 9 weeks or maybe less if you've run every other day rather than 3 times a week?

It would be great to hear from anyone as to what their experience has been


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completing the plan means successfully running all of the planned runs throughout the 9 weeks - repeating runs is very common, so taking longer than 9 weeks is more than fine.

That's my 2p worth anyway!


Once I got to the longer runs, I did just two a week and took a couple of days' rest between each one so it took me just over 4 weeks to do the last 9 runs instead of 3 weeks. Some people do run every other day so they complete it in less than 9 weeks and others repeat runs. It takes 3 or 4 months for something to become a habit so there's no hurry! :)


Took me about 4 months to get to wk 9 for various reasons. Doesn't matter how long it takes - what's important is enjoying the journey and getting there in the end! :-)


I generally run every second day, trying to "catch up" with my daughter who started a week or two after me - never did manage that! But now I'm on 5k+ I might go back to three times a week - more recovery time!


I started on 10th April and hope to graduate on Sunday. I set out knowing I would not move on from a run until I felt comfortable. There are lots of people on here who advocate moving on as soon as you have completed a week, but to give you an example, I ran Week 2 nine times and Week 3 ten times. I am 5 stones overweight and totally unfit, and that was the way I felt comfortable. It also made it into more of a habit for me.

I don't think it matters - do what is comfortable for you, keep checking in on here because the support is outstanding, and best of luck as you go through the programme.


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