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Ladies - a(nother) question of hormones

Having read the previous thread here:

Just wanted to add my story and see if there's any fellow PCOS ladies out there who have noticed the same.

This morning's run was quite difficult in a way I couldn't put my finger on. The back of the legs were feeling much more sore and tired, my energy was fairly low, and in all it felt like much more of a plodding slog than usual. When I got home - bingo - period's here. The interesting thing is that this means I had a shorter, more 'normal' cycle this month (last period 4 weeks ago), something that hasn't happened in about two years. (I have PCOS and usually my periods are about 5-6 weeks apart, sometimes more than 8 weeks).

I think the running has had a positive effect on this - it can't be coincidence that I started C25k exactly four weeks ago (finished W4R3 this morning). Plus I hardly noticed my usual raging PMS symptoms in the last week, usually they're really bad.

Have I found the answer to calming my crazy hormones? I think I might...

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I've had crazy PMS for years, and have tried all the different suggestions (vitamins, changing contraception, several small meals, eating well etc etc) and other than a hysterectomy, (at 20!) exercise is the last thing I was suggested. Being an absolute lump, I couldn't be bothered to do much exercise, but did find that if I did a small workout, I'd feel better about myself, which I think helps a lot.

Only on w3 of the plan, and haven't had anyone around to trigger my moods so far, but I seem ok!

I'm still awaiting my period (been 7 weeks or so since the last) although I have no idea when mine are supposed to be - I've got an IUS which can stop periods completely, and before that was on the pill for years, so had lovely regular periods!


If nothing else, I reckon improving my PMS is a good reason to keep running... I have had all kinds of hideous symptoms in the last year particularly, so I'm stoked with this development! I'm not allowed certain kinds of contraceptive cos of blood clotting issues, so its the 'natural' approach for me :)


Thats so strange! I've got PCOS too an haven't had a period since the end of September 2011. Started a detox and c25 last week and come Saturday arvo- BAM! it was here


Unlike loads of my friends, when I get a period I'm like 'woohoo!' I love it cause it feels like things are working properly! :)


I stop taking the contraceptive pill 3 months ago, and my period have not reappeared ( positively sure i am not pregnant !). Not having any PM symptoms but my nipples are hard and hurting ! Very confused !


I do not have PCOS but I do get horrendous periods and I have found since running my pain management is better and they do not last so long.


Exercise is always the first line of defence in PCOS guides... My mistake was thinking that the large amount of walking I do was enough. Turns out puffing, sweating, proper exercise was what's missing. Hope to see more improvements!


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