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Just completed Couch to 5K...


Morning all! I have just completed the NHS couch to 5K. I have read lots of people's posts asking for advice and whats normal. To all those still working through it, really do keep it up. Everyone is different. And its Ok to repeat a week if you feel you're not ready. I did week 6 three times before moving on as I just felt my breathing wasn't there yet. However at the end of my first 30 min today run I honestly felt like I could have kept going. I had a big smile on my face on my 5 min cool down walk! I'm v excited to start running without the app, to my own music and seeing how I do. Good luck to all! As Laura says "you can absolutely do this"!

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Congratulations!! 😅

thank you so much!


Well done, and good advice for all :)

Princess77 in reply to HoagyM

thank you!


Congratulations.Yay, you did it! See you on the Bridge perhaps.Keep smiling!

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