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Hi guys, i just started and I have just finished week one and I am really struggling as I am quite overweight and really unfit (I'm only 15) and I was wondering since on day 3 I was still struggling with the 90 - 60 second ratio should i repeat this week until I find it easier or should I just carry on. Also I have a Saturday job which requires me to be on my feet for long periods at a time and leaves my feet quite sore/tired at the end of the day so I was wondering whether I should do the programme on Saturday morning? Please help. Thank you 😊


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  • I would just carry on. If you reach a session that you actually can't do then stop, walk the rest of it, and think about repeating that session/week. The fact you've completed week 1 is really promising, and an achievement in itself. It was difficult, but you've done it. Also, you've pinpointed what you need to address for next week: sore feet and struggling with the walk/run ratio. For the first, look at your running shoes - do you need something with a more comfortable sole, and perhaps running socks to go with them (the double layer kind that really take the pressure off your soles). For the second, are you running too fast in the running parts? You only need to do a light jog at this stage. Try and concentrate on going slow and getting a comfortable rhythm. Also, yes consider running on a different day to your job. Lots of luck for week 2, if you do go ahead with it :)

  • Thankyou this clears it up for me, now that thats cleared up I think I will definitely keep it up

  • Keep it up, certainly. You found it hard, but you did it. I'd only repeat if I didn't manage all the run parts. You'll be surprised what you can acheive.if it was easy, you wouldn't need the programme.

    Good luck

  • Thank you very much, this means a lot 😊

  • Thanks for the replies they mean a lot, one other question I have is that the only time I really get to run, because of after schools clubs and music lessons etc, is before school around 7 or so I and i Am not sure what to eat before, as I naturally find it quite hard to eat a breakfast this early. Any tips on anything that is light in the morning yet will give me enough energy to feel motivated? Also is it bad to drink a lot of water before? ( maybe that is just a myth I read somewhere) I look forward to your replies and thanks again for your helpπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘£

  • At that time, I wouldn't eat anything. Have your run, a drink of water, a shower, then a breakfast of what'll keep you going until lunch time.

    Running with food in your stomach will likely give you cramps.

    I only started the programme last year and did a half marathon a couple of weeks ago having had no breakfast. I made up for it afterwards though -not the healthiest meals, but one of the most welcome! 😊

  • Thank you, I will definitely take this into consideration, thanks for all the replies πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘£

  • I agree with the previous comments but wanted to say well done on starting the programme. Go at your own pace and use this forum for support. I'm sure as you progress through you will be amazed at what you can achieve. Good luck!

  • Thank you both for your replies, and so fast , I'm sure I will be back with more questions, thanks and I am looking forward to my next run. Thankyou

  • Just to add to your recent question. I also run very early - about 6:30am. I eat half a banana as soon as I get up. I also drink a glass of water but you may find you need to eat or drink a bit more- too much and I can feel nauseous so its finding what suits you. I find I am ready for my porridge when I get back!

  • I am a morning runner. I drink water before I start (and take water out with me) and have breakfast when I get back. It gets easier at this time of year with the days getting longer. The early morning is often the nicest part of the day too.

    Well done on getting started. As others have said, check your shoes are fitting properly, and buy some running socks, and then go as slowly as you can. Good luck.

  • Congratulations on starting!

    you say you struggled with 90-60 but did you actually manage to complete it? if you did, then move on, but if you didn't manage all the intervals, then repeat the week. Don't forget you don't have to race the running segments, just take them nice and slow. With regards to eating, you will find as the weeks progress that you will find what works for you - a banana is quite easy to digest.

    I am incredibly impressed that you get up so early to run - My teenagers would quite happily stay in bed all day if I let them!

    Good luck and keep letting us know how it goes.

  • Go for it Seanzo! I have tried alternate days and having an extra rest day at the weekend. I have also tried doing it quicker (one and a half days). The rest days are really important and I would recommend having two rest days at the weekend if you re on your feet all day Saturday.

    If you read through the forum regularly, you will find lots of overweight people who have progressed through the programme (most of us!) and as you graduate and move on, you will find your fitness increases and your weight begins to drop.

    Drink a glass of water before your run and don't worry if you haven't had breakfast first. You'll work up an appetite for your breakfast too.

    Good luck and stick with it!

  • Well done on getting started! I wish I had had your determination at the same age. Week 1 is tough - it's probably the hardest, but you will be surprised how quickly your body will adapt. I often run early mornings and when I do, I prefer to run on "empty", try it and see. If you need to eat something before you go, bananas are great, or have something simple like a slice of toast. Good trainers and running socks will help with sore feet if you can get them and as others have said, take it slow. It's not a race! Keep on posting and let us know how you get on.

  • Well done. I am 36 and over 17 stone. I agree with everyone. Keep going if you completed everything. You will be surprised how you keep on managing to do the next weeks. I am anyway. I'm actually doing 3 minutes week 3 now. Stay slow and not to bouncy as it uses more energy. Xx

  • Congratulations on starting! your body will adapt to the program. It's not easy but it's so worth it! Keep with it :-)

  • Oh so happy to see this post this morning - hopefully not sounding patronising when I say I'm proud of you for getting started. I only started last year and I'm 43! This forum is the reason I kept going do stick with it and with us , we'll be right there with you as you run rings round all those people on the couch :)

  • Well done for starting. It must be hard with all your schoolwork, clubs and Saturday job. Maybe sort out a regular schedule for yourself and follow the advice from this forum of not being afraid to go slower if you're finding it hard work. Good luck!

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